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10 social media hot kitchen gadgets you’ll actually use


Like any big box store, the internet is a treasure trove of things you don’t need, but still want. If you’ve browsed through kitchen gadgets and wondering which ones are really worth buying, we have some recommendations.

From food prep stations to cooking oil dispensers, there’s a special appliance for just about any kitchen job. If some intrigue you, but you still don’t know if you should add them to your basket, we will help you sort the useful from the useless.

Self-grinding salt and pepper shakers


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If these automatic grinding salt and pepper shakers sound familiar, maybe that’s because we’ve already recommended them. These handy tools give you freshly ground pepper and coarse salt on demand.

When you flip these “shakers”, you don’t actually shake them. A built-in electric grinder grinds the salt and pepper, then distributes it over your food. Plus, with a blue light on the end of each dispenser, you’ll be able to see the exact amount of seasoning you’re getting.

food preparation


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Do you feel like you can never keep your meal prep organized? To meet the prep deck. This kitchen surface and storage tool is ideal for those who cook a lot of meals or like to entertain.

The five clear plastic bins are perfect for storing vegetables, dips or cheeses. Lids are included, as well as accessories, such as graters and slicers, which will greatly facilitate your preparation process. The lid doubles as a cutting board and you’ll even find a handy side compartment for storing knives and other tools.

The base can also be used as a bin for leftover food, and it’s easy to remove and empty. The whole device can also be placed in the refrigerator, it’s easy!

Whether you’re planning to take your dinner outside on the grill or you’re tired of messy post-prep counters, the Prepdeck might be just what you need.

Olive oil dispenser set


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Measuring any cooking oil can get messy. Not only are there plenty of opportunities to spill, but you’re also soiling spoons and measuring tools. Additionally, some of us may be prone to overusing our oils. This is where this viral oil dispenser assembly Between.

This dynamic duo each includes a large base container that you can completely fill and a pump on top with measurements. When you press the pump, the top fills one tablespoon at a time, but it can hold up to three tablespoons in total. Then you simply pour in your already measured amount of oil.

The second bottle is a dedicated fogger. Simply pour your oil into the dispenser, then pump it up with air. When fully primed, you can spray it like you would any spray can.

silicone baking rings


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You’ll Make Your Eggs Perfect Every Time With These Practices silicone rings. They actually have a variety of uses, but the most obvious is to help you make perfectly round eggs, ready for breakfast. To use them, you just need to place one in an oiled frying pan, crack your egg inside and cook it.

Not really an egg person? No worries, these beauties will always come in handy as you can also use them to make perfect pancakes, or even donuts. In fact, you can even use them to make burgers that fit perfectly on the bun.

A milk frother


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We’ve touted the virtues of milk frothers before, but their awesomeness is worth remembering, and the internet seems to agree!

Zulay’s portable model a real game-changer (and money saver) if you go to the cafe regularly. Armed with this baby, you can turn any old machine-made coffee into a frothy, creamy treat. It will make your mornings much brighter, especially when you notice how much money you’re saving.

A salad chopper


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Love a chopped salad, but hate having to slice and dice all that lettuce or cabbage? If so, these cutting shears are your new BFF!

They feature stainless steel blades with serrated edges that slice through vegetables. The extended handles also keep you from getting dressing on yourself (and on the counter, floor, and cat) when chopping.

There’s even a built-in spoon so you can slice and serve!

An egg separator


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Whether you love nothing more than a delicious egg white omelette in the morning or you just do a lot of baking, you need this adorable pig shaped egg separator in your life.

Not all of us are pros at cracking eggs and using the shells as separators. And who wants to go get yolks in a bowl? This pretty divider will make all your breakfasts delicious!

To use it, all you have to do is squeeze the sides of the little pig, then gently put its mouth on the yolk. Release the sides, and it will suck up that egg yolk. Simply squeeze again to empty the yolk into another bowl.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner


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Make cleaning your microwave easier with this easy-to-set-it-and-forget-it tool: the angry mom. This is another one we’ve already recommended because who doesn’t love not having to clean the microwave?

This simple yet fun cleaning tool is shaped like a mom, and you’ll know she’s angry when she starts spraying the inside of your icky device.

To use this tool, simply fill it with vinegar and water, then microwave it for seven minutes. When Mom gets mad, it loosens any food residue stuck in there. After it does its job, you simply wipe off the grime and call it a day.

Snap-on strainer


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Do you constantly worry about burning yourself or dropping food when straining? To meet the snap-on strainer. This incredibly handy tool makes filtering and draining easier than ever.

Made of silicone, it has metal clasps that easily snap onto pots or bowls. Once attached, simply tilt your bowl or pot – you can even strain with one hand.

If you make a lot of pasta, beans, canned vegetables or boiled chicken, this gadget will quickly pay for itself! Never again will you have to balance a full pot in one hand and a colander in the other.

A breakfast sandwich maker


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Have you ever tried to make the perfect breakfast sandwich, only to end up with an unbalanced mess? Meet him Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker! This wonderful invention allows you to easily make a homemade McMuffin.

To use, simply add your English muffin, meat, and cheese. Then, in the next layer of the machine, crack your egg. Cover everything with the other side of the muffin, close the lid and bake.

When done, you’ll have a delicious, perfectly round breakfast sandwich – no drive-thru required!

If you spend any time online, you’ve seen countless gadgets marketed as the holy grail of kitchenware. We’ve picked 10 that can really make food prep, cooking, or cleanup a breeze. Once you’ve ordered your favorites, check out viral cooking hacks that are the real deal to save you even more time!