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A Citizen Maker: Culpeper’s Extension Agent, 4-H Leader Mason Hutcheson Passes Away | Agriculture

Mason Hutcheson learned horticulture by trial and error. He came to Culpeper as a dairy agent when the county had more than 100 dairy farms, most of them small and family owned, said Paul Hutcheson.

Mason quickly became the benchmark in horticulture and was the heart of Culpeper’s 4-H.

As a father, grandfather, great-grandfather and committed member of the community, he cultivated knowledge that still grows today.

“We are always adding new factories, always trying to innovate,” said Paul Hutcheson. “Last year we grew a new variety of tomato, shared it with my dad. He said, ‘It tastes good.’ “

In his home garden last summer, Paul Hutcheson grew corn, and it brought back childhood memories of Mason’s subsistence farming family growing tobacco for money and corn for it. animal feed.

“I brought him corn on the cob. He would tell stories of how they crushed it to feed the chickens. It really caught his attention, ”said Paul Hutcheson.

Mason got his love of flowers from his mother, Isabel, who planted marigolds and zinnia, his grandson said. As an adult, he invested in breeding as the founder of Culpeper Agricultural Enterprises.

A devout Christian, Hutcheson was a board member of Culpeper Christian School and a Gideon involved in the Bible teaching ministries of Camp Red Arrow, Culpeper Christian Assembly, and Coffeewood Correctional Center.