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A long column of global CEOs takes to social media to support Ukraine

Leaders of some of the largest multinational corporations have taken to social media to unequivocally condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

They posted tweets as well as messages on major social media platforms calling for an immediate end to the escalation of hostilities in the region.

Already, several global companies across all sectors – tech, consumer goods, retail, oil, autos and entertainment – have said they are pulling out of Russia, Europe’s fifth-largest economy and a massive source of natural resources. , especially oil and petroleum. natural gas.

The Russian ruble hit a record low earlier this week as companies including Ikea, Apple, Ford, Toyota, Boeing, H&M and Volkswagen announced they would halt operations.

“Let there be no doubt that PepsiCo is on the side of peace… We have closed our facilities in Ukraine,” Ramon Laguarta, the beverage and snacks maker’s global managing director, told the business networking site Friday morning. LinkedIn.

Dedicated crisis teams are monitoring developments, he added.

Alan Jope, chief executive of British-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever, called for an immediate end to the war in a post on LinkedIn on Thursday.

“We are deeply shocked by the senseless acts of violence perpetrated against the innocent people of Ukraine and we condemn the invasion of the Russian state for what it is: a brutal act of war against a neighboring sovereign country. We hope that peace, human rights and the international rule of law will prevail,” Jope said.

U.S. automaker Ford Motor Co chief executive Jim Farley tweeted earlier on Wednesday that, effective immediately, the company was suspending operations in Russia.

“We are deeply concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the safety of the Ukrainian people,” he wrote on the microblogging platform.

The global chief executive of the multinational food and beverage processing company Nestlé, Mark Schneider, posted on his LinkedIn profile on Wednesday: “War is not a solution… I would like to express my dismay at the invasion of Ukraine. I stand with the international community to call for peace.

The global chief executive of confectionery and snack food maker Mondelez, Dirk Van de Put, also raised concerns on his LinkedIn account on Wednesday. “I stand firmly with those who call for peace and an end to violence.”

Brian Chesky, the head of Airbnb, tweeted on Friday that the accommodation and homestay company is “suspending all operations in Russia and Belarus.”

Tim Cook, chief executive of tech giant Apple, tweeted last week: “I am deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. I think of the people who are currently in danger and I join with all those who call for peace.

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki said Google and YouTube are working “around the clock” to expand security protections and stop the spread of misinformation.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is heartbreaking,” she tweeted on March 2.

As Ukraine’s war and humanitarian crisis escalate, Google will protect users from cyberattacks and disruptive disinformation campaigns, Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent entity), said in a statement. message on Twitter.

Meta (formerly Facebook) said last week it was blocking access to Russian media, while Twitter said it would “reduce the visibility and amplification” of Russian media.

Entertainment giant Disney and oil and gas company ExxonMobil also posted statements on their Twitter accounts condemning the war.

“We deplore Russia’s military action that violates Ukraine’s territorial integrity and endangers its people,” ExxonMobil said on its Twitter account.

Indian companies have also said inflation and supply disruptions could seriously hurt businesses.