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How are you, kid friends? Now The Fiver knows all about #hashtags on social media disgraces, but not everyone is as savvy as your beloved teatime missive, so here’s a quick guide for the uninitiated. : #scenes means someone scored a goal, # days away are pretty self-explanatory and usually accompanied by a picture of a four-pack of cans on a 10am train, and when the people talk about #limbs, they usually refer to the variety of fidgety appendages in the stands [oh, behave – Carry on Ed] as fans frolic in a wild celebration.

There were admittedly plenty at the City Ground as Nottingham Forest stormed to a 4-1 win over Leicester, but one fan got the #limbs wrong following Forest’s third goal, his legs making him wobble on the pitch, his haymaker arms beating the Forest players as they celebrated Joe Worrall’s strike. Stewards and police arrived late at the scene to take the clown away and Leicester promised a lifetime ban. There was also violence in Nottingham city center ahead of the match as assorted numpties ran out in an FA Cup fourth round tie.

In more uplifting news, National League minnows Boreham Wood of Borehamwood, a club so strapped for cash they can’t even afford to remove wasted space on their behalf, have earned themselves a tie at the fifth round at Everton with a stunning win over Championship Bournemouth. “I don’t want to be at the end of a massacre of giants, no matter how magical,” sighed Cherries leader Scott Parker, sending the Cup-cliche-o-meter twitching. “Sometimes you have to take your medicine. Tonight we have to take our medicine and I have to take mine.

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And despite the #uglyscenes in the East Midlands, it was basically a hot and fuzzy FA Cup weekend: Middlesbrough doing for Manchester United on penalties, Kidderminster and Plymouth pushing West Ham and Chelsea to the borderline and, perhaps heartwarming – most importantly – Crystal Palace fans’ fundraising efforts for Hartlepool manager Graeme Lee’s wife following her brain cancer diagnosis. Ride on lap five.


“He’s 37, hasn’t trained for four weeks and we had to give him an injection on Monday. We didn’t know if he would be fit or not; he trained on Saturday and I called him on the way home to ask how he was feeling. He said he could smell it and I said, ‘I don’t care, you walk your club to Bournemouth and if you last 15 minutes we’ll do a sub. For him to put on a performance like he did and score the winner is unbelievable’ – Boreham Wood boss Luke Garrard explains how his former FA Cup fairy tale creator Mark Ricketts was a barrel of talent for one man, which makes his heroism a winner. all the more ridiculous.

More fun for wood. Photography: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters


“Did The Fiver know that Qatar, hosts of the Human Rights World Cup, had a national sports day? When they inevitably bid (and likely win) hosting duties, will they host a big sports day on National Sports Day? –Kristian Karamfiles.

“I’m still trying to understand the accomplishments of English football’s highest-paid chief suit, who left his post at the end of January. As well as expanding Manchester United owners’ coffers and overseeing the biggest net spending on transfers in Europe over the past 10 years with little to show on the pitch, the litany of disastrous appointments and transfers is mind-boggling.The ghastly reality show never fails to deliver and it can surely get worse. FA Cup v Middlesbrough it has been revealed that, despite hiring a new set-piece manager last summer, they remain the only team yet to score a Premier League goal this season. Well done indeed” – John Weldon.

“Am I correct in concluding that everything that happened at Old Trafford in the FA Cup fourth round – Ronaldo’s missed penalty, the madness surrounding Boro’s goal, the half-time catering breakdown , the rain, the endless firefight…is this all the fault of Michael Lloyd (the priceless letter of the day on Friday)?” – Daniel Stauss.

“I see that fans now have to bring their own prawn sandwiches to Old Trafford” – John Buckley.

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Chelsea have settled a High Court case brought by four former youth team players over alleged historical racist abuse.

Wayne Rooney says he abused alcohol to cope with the pressure that accompanied his rise to elite football as a teenager. “There were times when you would take a few days off from football and I would actually lock myself up and drink just to try and get it all out of my mind,” he said.

Marc Overmars has walked out as Ajax director of football after sending inappropriate messages to female colleagues. “Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I was crossing the line with this,” he apologized. “Certainly for someone in my position, this behavior is unacceptable.”

Sadio Mané has described scoring the winning penalty on penalties to secure a maiden Afcon title for Senegal as the best day of his life. “I won [Big Cup] and some [other] trophies,” he sighed, in a murderous blow to the ego of the Premier League trophy, “but this one is special to me. It’s more important to me.”

Flares from the back: UK and Ireland focused on hosting Euro 2028 after identifying ‘many areas of uncertainty’ around a bid for the 2030 World Cup, including the nonsense that it may be biennial by then.

Jürgen Klopp believes Harvey Elliott’s return to scoring talent in Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Cardiff is a Cinderella story in its own right. “To come is a big step back, to score the goal makes it a real fairy tale,” he applauded.

Manchester United returned to the top of the rankings… of clubs with the biggest transfer losses of the last decade, splashing out on a net outlay of £850million on players. Prepare the open-top bus, Ralf!

And Burnley’s Erik Pieters needs to work on his timing, speaking of Wout Weghorst’s prowess after a 0-0 draw with Watford made the Afcon final a breathless run. “He’s good on his feet and you can see he’s a real goalscorer,” Pieters honked.


FA Cup: 10.1 talking points from the scorching fourth round action of the weekend.

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