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Archer takes off with Maker Aircraft’s first hover – sUAS News

Six months after the unveiling of his Maker eVTOL aircraft, Archer achieved both FAA airworthiness certification and his first successful hover.

  • The successful hover saw Maker accelerate above the ground and hover in place before returning to the ground safely.
  • The Maker Plane is an autonomous two-seat eVTOL aircraft that has been certified for flight testing by the FAA
  • Over the next few months, Archer’s flight test campaign will expand to include the expansion of the hover envelope, followed by the expansion of the transition envelope.

Palo Alto, California, December 20, 2021 – Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE: ACHR) announced today that Maker, Archer’s eVTOL demonstration aircraft, has completed its first successful hover. The flight marks the completion of the first comprehensive and comprehensive test of the company’s systems and the validation of every hardware and software component working as intended to move the aircraft through the air. The flight test ended at 10:30 a.m. PT on December 16 and also resulted in the successful verification of the company’s flight control system in flight and the end-to-end shutdown of the flight software. . Now that that flight is over, Archer is moving forward with a massive flight test campaign underway through 2022 and beyond.

In November, Archer’s flight test team, made up of experts in flight testing, battery, propulsion, flight controls, software and avionics, moved from the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto to a new facility. flight tests to prepare for this important milestone. Over the past two months, the team has focused on the integration and ground testing of Maker in order to prepare Maker for a successful first hover, as well as ensuring that it meets the standards of FAA for airworthiness certification. After being fully integrated, Maker moved on to its ground test phase, which included checking the control and propulsion systems, as well as running the engines at full power, and then subjecting those engines to stress tests for ensure that all systems were operational and ready to resist. flight tests. After completing an unattached test, in which the Archer team verified that the entire propulsion and flight control system was functioning properly, Archer’s flight test team approved the aircraft for his first flight.

The moment was especially significant in aviation history as this week marks the 118th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903 – the time when humanity officially took to the skies for all. first time. Eric Wright, a descendant of Orville and Wilbur, and Archer’s own certifier, placed a historic piece of the Wright Flyer in Maker for his maiden flight to mark the moment of the loop.

“The past six months have been an incredible journey, from Maker’s unveiling to its first flight,” said Brett Adcock, co-founder and co-CEO of Archer. “It has been a lesson in humility to build a leading eVTOL company and educate the public on clean transportation alternatives. Today is a milestone for both Archer and the future of travel. I am extremely proud of this exceptional team.

“Everything we have accomplished this year, each step taken and each partnership achieved, had one goal in mind: to develop both an aircraft and a UAM ecosystem that could evolve and change the face of intra-urban travel,” said said Adam Goldstein, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Archer. “With our first hover now complete, we are one step closer to that goal and have proven that Archer can work at a rapid pace without sacrificing safety or quality. Our team is ready to continue at this pace as we work to launch an air carpooling service at the end of 2024. ”

As Archer soars into the new year, this testing campaign will expand to include the expansion of the hover envelope, advancing Maker’s design capabilities and reaching higher altitudes. After extending the hover, the team will begin extending the transition envelope making sure Maker is able to transition from hover to forward flight. While expanding Maker’s test flights, Archer also plans to unveil its four-seat pilot plane intended for production in 2023.

“As the first investor in Archer, it has been gratifying to see Archer grow as a company and really help shape the industry. What started as a mission-driven company to change the way we think about commuting has now proven that passion and mission can deliver incredible results, ”added Marc Lore, Renowned Entrepreneur and Leading Investor in Archer. “I congratulate the entire team on today’s first hover flight and look forward to seeing how Archer’s unique mode of transportation shapes our cities of tomorrow.”

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