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Are your kids using social media? Not sure? Here’s how to protect them | Lifestyles

STATE MEDIA – While most social media apps require users to be over 13, that hasn’t stopped many young children from opening accounts, according to a new study.

CS Mott Children’s Hospital’s recently released national child health survey found that 49% of parents children ages 10 to 12 and 32% of parents of children ages 7 to 9 say their child uses social media. Additionally, not all parents monitor their child’s activities on these apps due to a range of factors, ranging from lack of ability to configure controlols not to have time.

“The use of social media poses a number of potential threats to the safety of children. With more and more children using social media at a younger age, it is essential that parents keep them safe and teach them to be responsible users of digital and social media, ”said Michele Havner, Director of Marketing at Eturi Corp., maker of OurPact, a parent leadermonitor and screen time application.

Does your child use social media? Not sure? According to Havner, here are some ways to protect them on social media multimedia applications and on other sites:

• Open Communication: Keep the lines of communication open with your child. Listening and being respectful will encourage your child to be honest with you about their use of social media and what they online.

• Set settings: Whether it’s just allowing your child to use educational social media apps or enforcing a strict moratorium until they reach a certain age, set settings that are relevant. meaning for you.our child and stay with them.

• Set a schedule: don’t let digital devices invade your family life. Establishing a digital schedule can help ensure that children still have time for homework, after-school activities, and quality time with family. Make sure you practice what you preach and set the right digital example.

• Be careful: before letting your child create an account with a particular social networking app, carefully review what the app is to make sure it is suitable for their age group and individual maturity level. .

• Get help: A parental control app like OurPact can help you set a digital calendar, block inappropriate apps and websites, set safety filters, and even get screenshots from digital activity. No matter how busy you are, new enhancements make it easier for your child to master social media use. With the ability to create individual profiles, you can customize the rules based on your child’s age and other considerations. TO to learn more, visit

“While many school systems are adding digital safety and wisdom to the curriculum, parents should fill in the gaps by introducing kids to smart digital habits and leveraging new tools and resources that help keep kids safe,” Havner says.