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Britney Spears’ Son on Her Explicit Social Media Posts: ‘Something to Get Attention’

Britney Spears’ son has been candid about his mom’s explicit social media posts saying it’s something she does to get ‘attention’ but he hopes she ‘will stop “.

The hold me closer the hit-maker’s second son, Jayden James Federline, spoke to Daily Mail in the nude photos her mother shares on her Instagram account.

“Social media helps her…So if that’s what she wants to do, that’s what she wants to do, I’m not going to hate her for it,” he shared with the point of sale.

“At the same time, she should realize everything that keeps her from loving her family,” he added.

Britney shares sons Jayden and Sean Preston Federline with ex-husband Kevin Federline, whom she married in 2004 and divorced in 2007.

“It’s almost like she has to post something on Instagram to get some attention. It’s been going on for years and years and chances are it will never end,” the singer’s son said. .

“But hopefully for me it stops,” added Jayden, who lives with his father, wife and children and K-Fed’s children from his previous relationship.

Of his own interest in social media sites, Jayden said: ‘I have an Instagram account but I barely go there’, while adding that Sean is prone to ‘overthinking’ what strangers will say of him.

At one point during the interview, Jayden emphasized that he doesn’t “hate” his mother, but admitted that “it will take a lot of time and effort” to mend their strained relationship.

“I think 100% this can be fixed. It’s just going to take a lot of time and effort. I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better, I really want to see her again,” he said.