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Center pulls sexist ad after social media outrage | India is blooming

New Delhi: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Saturday called on Twitter and YouTube to immediately remove two objectionable adverts for “Layer’r Shot” body spray after they were slammed by social media users saying the two “promote rape culture”.

In one of the ads, four boys are seen stalking a girl in a store. They have a conversation while standing right behind her, _”Hum char, aur ye ek! Tiré kaun lega!”. The boys’ conversation obviously scares the girl.

One of the boys then takes out a bottle of body spray named “Shot” and the girl breathes a huge sigh of relief.

In the other ad, a teenage couple is seen kissing in their bedroom, when four of his friends open the door and say “..tune shot mara lagta hai?”, the boy says “haan”, his friend says: “Ab hamari baari”. Again, the feature girl appears to be uncomfortable, then breathes a sigh of relief, as the friend mentions the deodorant shot.

The I&B Ministry said: “It has been noticed by @MIB_India that an inappropriate and derogatory advertisement of a deodorant is circulating on social media. The Ministry has requested Twitter and YouTube to immediately remove all instances of this advertisement.

“The TV channel he appeared on has already pulled him down on directions from @MIB_India.”

Twitter users were outraged by the advertisement which was inserted in the middle of the New Zealand v England cricket match.

One Twitter user said, “Pathetic sexist ad! How can a brand joke about rape and gang rape? What was the agency thinking and what was the brand doing while endorsing? Nonsense!…”

Earlier today, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Malliwal sent a letter to Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur regarding the company’s improper promotion method and demanded an immediate ban.

Maliwal has also issued a notice to the Delhi Cybercrime Police for the immediate registration of the FIR in the case and the removal of the mass media content. She also asked for a report on actions taken before June 9 to be tabled.

The ad received criticism from various quarters for showing content that outraged the woman’s modesty.

Taking suo-moto’s cognizance of the matter, the DCW chief urged Thakur to ban mass media advertisements in addition to building a robust system to ensure certain checks and balances to ensure that such advertisements which promote “rape culture” are never mass-produced again. media.

In her letter, she said that a heavy penalty should be imposed on this particular brand so that other companies refrain from playing dirty tactics for cheap publicity.

Malliwal also said, “I’m shocked! The ads are promoting gang rape culture.”

Malviya Nagar AAP MP Somnath Bharti tweeted: “The ad maker, the approver, the plan owner, the media running this sick ad all deserve to be criminally tried for displaying and promoting such a disgusting manner. launch a product. These ads are also responsible for making society unsafe for women!”

Another Twitter user said: “How are these type of ads endorsed, sick and downright disgusting. Is it

@layerr_shot full of perverts? Second ad with such disgusting content from Shot.”

A handful of Twitter said: “There must be rules for ads, man. This Shot deo ad is just gross actually. Even though I knew it was an ad and it wasn’t going to happen. The fear for a second that I felt was Imagine doing an advertisement about the fears of millions of women!

Another said: “The latest round of SHOT perfume adverts are disgusting. Almost suggesting rape. Imagine stuff like this erasing all checks and balances and being shown on TV. What world do we live in? ?”

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