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College of Social Work Honors Distinguished Graduates and 2021 Scholarship Winners

FSU College of Social Work 2021 Alumni Award winners: Joy Jinks, Jessica Harbor, Pamela Brooks, Pam MacDill and Shevaun Haris

The FSU College of Social Work hosted its 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award and student scholarship event on Tuesday.

The virtual event honored more than 120 university students. Over $ 128,000 in scholarships has been awarded to support FSU College of Social Work (CSW) students with a focus on international programs, child welfare, social policy and veterans.

The event was hosted by CSW Dean Jim Clark and faculty members Carol Campbell Edwards, Keithen Mathis and Vicky Verano, who sit on the college’s student affairs committee.

The five recipients of the CSW Alumni Award were:

Distinguished Alumni Award

Joy Jinks (MSW, 1975) is a native of Colquitt, Ga., Who served the State of Georgia as a child welfare service worker and a supervisor of community mental health services. As an international volunteer at the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Jinks realized the importance of revitalizing rural areas, including his hometown. With a knack for community organizing, she started The Mayhaw Tree, a gourmet food manufacturing company providing jobs to unemployed women in Colquitt. She also co-founded “Swamp Gravy: Georgia’s Official Folk Life Play,” telling local stories that have helped Colquitt create an alternative economy based on cultural tourism that has become a national model of community revitalization. In 2007, Jinks developed the Building Creative Communities conference, which focused on community development through the arts. She is also the author of “Dynamic Aging: I Intend to Live Forever, So Far So Good”, published in 2015.

Distinguished Young Graduate Award

Jessica Anne Harbor (BSW, 2017; MSW, 2020) is a Peace Corps volunteer from Jacksonville, Florida. She intends to continue her studies in social work after completing her Peace Corps assignment. Harbor currently resides in a town in southeastern Morocco and serves as the call coordinator for Peace Corps initiatives there. This year, she plans to work with school-aged girls in several women’s empowerment programs, teach yoga, and work with nurses on a women’s health program at the local women’s center.

Distinguished Past Educator Award in Social Work

Pamela Graham MacDill (MSW, 1977) served the College of Social Work for over 25 years in a variety of positions, including her last dual role as Director of the Bachelor of Social Work program and the Professional Development office before retiring in 2020. She elevated the BSW Program to a Limited Access Program, developed a Minor in Social Welfare, and created and chaired the Child Welfare Practice Certificate and the Executive Development Leadership Certificate and administrative (LEAD). She has been active in the development of the FSU Unconquered Scholars program, which targets at-risk students from homelessness, foster care, family care or wards of the state. She was also the first recipient of the Jeanene M. Janes Fellowship in Child Welfare (2011).

Alumni Award of Excellence in Social Work Practice

Pamela Brooks (MSW 1994) is a Certified Clinical Social Worker and was the Orlando Regional Coordinator for Field Training for the College of Social Work from 2003 to 2019, working with internship students in eleven Central Counties. Florida. She was also a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in private practice for over 22 years in Orlando. During her extensive social work career, she has also worked in child protection, victim advocacy, sexual trauma survivor counseling and law enforcement, and has been adjunct professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University and volunteer instructor at the BETA Center in Orlando. She also supports the Arts and Athletics program at the College of Social Work.

Award of Excellence in Social Policy and Alumni Administration

Shevaun Harris (BA 2002; MSW 2004) was appointed in February 2021 by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, the agency responsible for the state’s child welfare system. , food assistance and shelter, and addiction and mental health services. Secretary Harris has made holistic family care a priority by working strategically to integrate systems and services at DCF. She continues to improve policies, practices and community partnerships to lead innovative prevention and early intervention efforts for families in Florida. Previously, she held several positions with the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), including that of Acting Secretary, where she was responsible for the administration of the Florida Medicaid program and the regulation of over 40 000 approved health establishments. Secretary Harris has also served as an Assistant Professor at the College of Social Work and a Case Manager for Big Bend Cares.