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Destiny 2 Cheat Maker remains defiant amid legal battle with Bungie

AimJunkies, the company behind Destiny 2 Cheats, vowed to fight Bungie in court and likened the studio’s legal strategy to throwing “shit at the wall” and seeing what sticks. For those unaware, Bungie suffered a setback in its lawsuit against AimJunkies in late April when a judge ruled the studio made weak arguments and failed to prove how AimJunkies infringes copyrights. from Destiny. Bungie had the opportunity to resubmit its case, which it did.

AimJunkies argues that Destiny 2 cheats aren’t illegal

AimJunkies maintains that cheating is not illegal and therefore its Destiny 2 cheat software is not illegal either. The company has gone further and plans to have subpoenas issued to a number of companies, including Valve, which it says has Steam data to back up its claim that Destiny 2 cheaters didn’t have any. impact on the game’s community. AimJunkies claims that the game had higher player counts when its software was used by cheaters.

“Understanding that cheating is not illegal and gaming companies want to make it illegal because they cannot govern their own players,” reads a statement from AimJunkies (via TorrentFreak). “They look to the courts to do what they are powerless to do on their own, even with the vast resources and technology at their disposal. They would rather suffer death by a thousand cuts than admit that this is not the way to deal with the problem.

The gaming community largely disagrees. AimJunkies doesn’t have much of a social media presence, but its tweets announcing tips for the latest games, including MultiVersus, haven’t gone down well with gamers who are tired of having their multiplayer experiences sullied.

In other news, Sony seems to have taken notice of the PS Store shovelware issue, and Microsoft says Sony will benefit from first-party games launching on PS Plus.