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“Dramaboi was my son and he will be my son forever. My son hasn’t been doing well for two years. Throughout what he’s been through, it’s not that I haven’t been there. I begged him to stay home. Even though I didn’t stay with him, I checked him regularly but sometimes he would yell at me or kick me out. I loved him and wanted him to be strong. The same disease that he had is the same disease that killed him. A medical report shows that he died of neuro-syphilis caused by HIV / AIDS, ”she said.

This revelation caused mixed emotions among fans of the star and the nation as a whole. The revelation came after viral posts and comments on Dramaboi’s Facebook page and various social media platforms where people criticized the late rapper’s mother for abandoning her son and not contacting him until his disappearance. . Many blamed her for her son’s death while others accused her of using her son’s death to raise funds.

Before his revelation, others had even asked to know the cause of the death of the hitmaker Sala Le Nna. After feeling the pressure, Dramaboi’s bereaved mother ended up giving the audience what they wanted. However, the decision was not well taken by the public either, unfortunately it was roasted for publicly disclosing her late son’s HIV status “without his consent”. Many felt that since the star herself had not disclosed his status to the public, his mother was not allowed to do so despite the fact that he had passed away.

Many still focused on the star’s old posts since 2019 which revealed how much Dramaboi’s family didn’t support or care for him, especially his earned mother. However, Boitumelo made it clear to the public that she had always been a part of her deceased son’s life from day one until the day he died. Even though their relationship seemed difficult, it is clear that the duo loved each other very much and still kissed and made up.

In a video shared by his sister Katlego Ramphaleng, also known as Black Rose, Dramaboi wa Makeishane said a lot. He even told his sister and friends that he had lost everything, including hope. He added that he wanted to go home. He even spoke fondly of the wisdom he had learned from his mother. In her new song dedicated to her late brother titled Baengele, Katlego said her brother apologized to their mother and died a happy man.

At his funeral ceremony held in Mochudi on Tuesday, his sister Agisanyang ‘DJ Mimi’ Ramphaleng said her brother was a stubborn man. She explained that despite their best efforts to try to get him help, Dramaboi in most cases refused to say he was a celebrity and therefore did not want people to see him on public transport or in the city. local clinics. Agisanyang stressed, however, that in some cases he would agree but in most cases he would decline because of his social status. She said he was sad that even though they tried everything they could to help him, he ended up losing his life.

Dramaboi was buried on Tuesday in his hometown of Mochudi PIC: Caption Harp Photography

In an interview with different local HIV activists, they gave different opinions on the issue. Pako Botsaapoo, said people live in a society where HIV is most feared, unlike cancer, which leads people to stigmatize those who have the disease. He added that Dramaboi’s mother’s comment aroused great concern on his part and showed how the Batswana always react negatively when they learn they are living with HIV. Botsaapoo said negative comments about Dramaboi’s girlfriend and child have caused people to start questioning their HIV status.

“This incident also shows that our society doesn’t even understand that you can live with an HIV-positive person without having to infect their partners or have healthy HIV-negative children. Based on a few posts, I’ve seen people start to question the girlfriend’s status as a child. It really showed that the stigma is still there behind the shadows and Batswana continues to show it on different occasions even though we thought we had overcome it. This shows that our society does not even understand that one can live with an HIV positive person without having to infect their partners or have healthy HIV negative children, ”he said.

He added that living with HIV was no picnic, as people living with HIV are always isolated in public hospitals during their exam. He added that it instilled fear in people who had just been diagnosed or who had not accepted their status. Botsaapoo said some people tend to judge them when they see them entering the Infection Disease Care Clinic (IDCC) ward when seeking medical attention. He added that some have decided to default due to the isolation they face in healthcare facilities. However, he advised people living with HIV to be strong, to walk tall and not to be ashamed of their HIV status, adding that they are taller than HIV.

Ramphaleng revealed that his son has not been doing well for two years, PIC: BOPA

Ramphaleng revealed that his son has not been doing well for two years, PIC: BOPA

For his part, Bonosi Segadimo said that although some people saw Dramaboi’s mother reveal her status as stigmatizing her son to her, she saw a loving mother who cared for her son. She said that after seeing that her son was not well, she insisted on taking him to the doctor. Segadimo said that because Dramaboi was in denial, he started to hate his mother to the point of pursuing her when she tried to watch him and then wrote bad things about him so that no one could listen to him. .

“The stigma is visible on the comments from Botswana, they show us how they are still ignorant about accepting self-status, how they attack this woman really shows how they still live in denial. They tell us that instead of supporting the mother now, they are already labeling baby moms and children as HIV positive just because of baby daddy. Fa go boiwa ka botshelo jwa moswi, batho ba lekodisiwa gore motho o lwetse lebaka le le kae ebile a lwala eng, mentioning other diseases like diabetes, cancer and others, it’s okay, ”she said declared.