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Exclusive – Iqbal Khan on celebrities who get jobs because of their social media following: There’s a lot of difference between being an influencer and being an actor

Popular actor Iqbal Khan, known for his versatile roles and incredible acting skills, is not very active on social media. The actor is someone who prefers to stay away from the spotlight and believes his work speaks. Recently, during a chat with ETimes TV, the actor opened up about the latest trend where celebrities are being selected based on their social media following. Iqbal does not believe in this trend and is convinced that people who want to do serious work will always prefer actors over social media influencers.

“I don’t know who these actors are who are complaining that the casting is happening because of the number of followers you have on Instagram. Any serious filmmaker or TV show creator, they are looking for actors. Yes, I am d I agree that it’s a bonus if they’re stars and have a lot of followers. But it’s all about playing and that’s what they’re looking for because it lasts a long time. There’s no point in taking someone ‘one who has a lot of followers but doesn’t know how to act,’ he said.

Iqbal, who was last seen at Nima Denzongpa, said he respects influencers and knows social media is a great source of income, but he also believes no one can take the place of a good one. actor. on social networks, it’s wonderful to have followers, it’s incredible. It’s a source of income but there is a big difference between being an influencer and being an actor.

The 41-year-old actor further shared that he’s not active on social media, but has managed to do a good job in different mediums: “God has been very kind to me. I’m not I haven’t been on social media for almost two years now, but I’ve done web shows, movies, and I’ve done TV. What I’ve come to realize is that all the makers looking to make stuff serious people will always look for actors and not people who only have followers unless they have talent. If there is an actor who has a lot of followers, that’s fine too, an addition I feel which I don’t have. But I feel like I’m an actor and I’ll always know how to act. And as long as you know how to act, you’ll always have a job as an actor,” he concluded.