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Fight, build and rule your own kingdom in Kingdom Maker [EXCLUSIVE]

The free RTS and RPG game Kingdom Maker is available now, giving players the ability to rule their own world by fighting, building and ruling.

New Free Fantasy Game Kingdom Creator launches today, June 16, combining RTS and RPG mechanics in an all-new medieval simulation adventure. RTS games, also known as real-time strategy games, have grown in popularity over the years, providing players with the ability to take control of gameplay in a way that allows them to evolve and expand. carry out their most cunning and clever plans.

The past few years have seen a slew of popular RTS game releases, each offering their own take on the classic genre. While many of them offer completely unique new worlds, characters, and stories, many companies are now looking to existing IP for future releases. Some of the most anticipated RTS games currently in development include Dune: The Spice Warswhich will offer 4X elements in a game set in the beloved universe of Dunesand Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has also confirmed an upcoming star wars RTS game. These games should sit alongside the current titans of the genre, which is currently dominated by game series like Civilizationa franchise of turn-based games in which players build their own empire.

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Perhaps inspired by empire builders like Civilization, but with a much more humorous tone, Kingdom Creator promises to deliver a dynamic strategic simulation gaming experience in which the player rules everything. Launching today on iOS and android devices, Kingdom Creator tasks players with building not only a city, but also a family, and fans will also have to fight enemies in battle in a medieval user-governed world. As Kingdom Creator developers Scopely and Global Worldwide said, “players will live out their medieval fantasies as they establish a royal bloodline, engage in battle, flirt with the drama of romance, and partake in the machinations of politics. Let the little internal battles begin!Screen Rant received exclusive early access to kingdom makerthe new trailer for – watch it below.

kingdom maker gamers can expect a world that doesn’t take itself too seriously, though its lightweight nature shouldn’t detract from its immersive 4X RTS gameplay and RPG game mechanics. While the game’s trailer highlights its silly side, players can expect to engage in intense battles as they fight until their defending city falls, and due to kingdom makerThanks to the social functions of, each battle can be seen by the whole community – and everyone can participate. Other game features include the ability for players to create their own dynasty of noble families, build their own cities and walls, forge alliances, and customize their armies.

Taking management, strategy and growth on the go with its iOS and Android launch, kingdom maker is poised to be the next big thing in mobile RTS, RPG and simulation games. Those who wish to begin their own medieval journey of battle, love and conquest can download kingdom maker from the App Store or Google Play Store now.

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