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FlipHTML5 Free Brochure Maker Helps Marketers Wow Their Target Audience

“An interactive brochure with flippable pages”

Digital brochures offer an easier and more affordable way to advertise than printed brochures. FlipHTML5 is a free brochure maker with several great features.

Brochures are generally used to provide information about products or services. They usually consist mostly of text with images thrown in for added interest. Businesses started using brochures as an advertising strategy. Printed brochures are being replaced by digital brochures that are easier to produce and distribute and more affordable. One can easily find a brochure maker online to create digital brochures. FlipHTML5 is one of those free brochure maker; it is user-friendly and has many features that will help advertisers wow their target audience.

FlipHTML5 automatically converts PDF files into lively and interactive flipbooks. So, advertisers can simply upload a PDF of their brochure to the free brochure maker and watch it become a marketing masterpiece, all with very little effort on their part. After the conversion is complete, they can choose a template for the brochure layout and a theme or background to augment its appearance.

Unlike a printed brochure which is limited to text and images, digital brochures can feature different types of multimedia. This free brochure maker has a powerful online media editor that allows users to embed videos, audio, GIFs, popups, photo galleries, etc., all without having to download any software. These brochures will go beyond educating people about the products; they will allow people to experience it. Additionally, advertisers can add hyperlinks to brochures to allow readers to purchase items with a click.

The finished digital brochures can be shared easily. There are no printing or distribution costs. Users can simply upload FlipHTML5 cloud brochure. The free brochure maker offers unlimited cloud storage and free web hosting. There is even a virtual library to present several brochures. Each brochure generates a unique URL that can be shared via email or social media and an embed code to embed the brochure on websites and blogs.

This free brochure maker offers multiple SEO options that will improve brochure search engine rankings. This way, when people search for items they want to buy, the brochure will be easily found. FlipHTML5 can integrate with Google Analytics so that marketers can get the data that will help them improve their advertising strategy as needed.

“Our free brochure maker is a key part of a solid advertising strategy,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

Learn more about the free brochure maker at FlipHTML5.

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FlipHTML5 is a versatile flipbook maker suitable for many digital publications.

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