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From young actor to actor of global change

In 2001, a young actress with extraordinary talents took the world by storm. From her very first appearance as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Emma Watson managed to conquer not only the public, but also the critics. So much so that for her debut in the saga she won several nominations, which continued to increase during the ten years that the franchise lasted. In everyone’s eyes, Watson was a whirlwind of talent with a bright future. Following critical acclaim for her first role and with her acting skills now matured, Watson went on to work in films across many genres, successfully avoiding being typecast in her well-known role as Hermione. In this capacity, she has participated in independent and successful films and worked alongside some of the finest directors in the film industry.


In addition to her outstanding acting career, Watson has also built a legacy in education, humanitarian work and activism, raising awareness of major social issues. Over the years, she has been involved in numerous campaigns, supporting causes ranging from fighting for equality to preserving the environment, establishing herself as a role model for young people around the world.

A witch who stole the show

Know-it-all witch Hermione Granger is the character who changed Watson’s life forever. And somehow she always knew the role was meant for her: the actress loved JK Rowling’s books, and when the film’s producers showed up at her school, she immediately decided to try. However, as fond as Watson loved the role, she has discussed in several interviews the overwhelming experience of being part of such a popular franchise. In fact, before shooting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Watson had serious doubts about staying on the project or not. Fortunately, she made up her mind and continued with her role, and between filming she also starred in other productions, such as the TV movie ballet slippers and the biopic My week with Marilyn. After the saga finale, Watson’s acting career continued to rise and she won acclaim for her roles in Charlie’s world, The bling ringand Noah. In 2017, the actress was cast as a Disney Princess and starred in live action The beauty and the Beastthen two years later, she joined the cast of Greta Gerwig Little womanwhich is one of the finest adaptations of Louisa May Alcott’s novel.

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His studies at Brown University

After playing in Harry Potter and despite his financial stability, Watson chose to pursue his passion for learning and attended Brown University. Having been involved in the saga from an early age where she received a comprehensive but non-traditional upbringing, her time at college introduced her to a completely different structure and restored some normalcy to her life. Fortunately, everyone at the institution respected his privacy, and Watson was able to have the same experience as anyone else. Before earning a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, she spent a few months at Worcester College, Oxford as part of the Visiting Student Program. To a large extent, her time in college and her acting experience in the industry laid the groundwork for what was to be a promising journey into activism.

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Feminism and the Struggle for Gender Equality

While Watson went on to star in several films, over the years she decided to focus on her activist work. A few months after graduating from college, Watson was named UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. From then on, she used her popularity to raise awareness on several issues, going so far as to take a year off to learn about feminism and other causes she wanted to promote. One of her great efforts over the years has been in favor of gender equality, which led her to launch the HeForHer campaign, seeking to involve men in the quest for gender equality and also to break with sexist assumptions. During one of her speeches, she specifically addressed her own journey, talking about how she was questioned as a child and teenager for certain attitudes that boys her age were not, and how her image has been sexualized by the media.

In her ongoing battle for women’s rights, Watson has traveled to different countries to raise awareness and get involved in many issues. In 2016, she traveled to Malawi as part of a campaign for the International Day of the Girl Child with the aim of ending child marriage. She is a strong advocate for equal pay for men and women, and has contributed to many organizations that share her goals, while encouraging fans who want to give her gifts to donate them to their favorite causes.

Campaigning for environmental justice

Another of Watson’s main campaigns relates to sustainability, making it one of the most visible faces of environmental awareness campaigns. For several years, the actress and activist has promoted sustainable fashion brands on every red carpet she has attended. For the 2016 Met Gala, for example, she collaborated with Calvin Klein and Eco Age to create a dress made from recycled plastic bottles. Years before, she partnered with People Tree, a fair trade fashion company, as a creative advisor and launching her own line of sustainable clothing. In 2021, as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Emma moderated a panel on climate change with several speakers, such as activist Greta Thunberg. Today, she is still working to raise awareness about different issues, bringing about changes that will have a positive impact on both the future of society and our planet.