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GTA 6 Maker Rockstar Disables Social Media Comments After Leak

GTA Online – Rockstar really doesn’t want you talking about GTA 6 (Photo: Rockstar Games)

He didn’t explain why, but Rockstar has started blocking all comments on its social media pages.

Rockstar Games had already tried to stop people talking about Grand Theft Auto 6 earlier this month, by banning the phrase “GTA 6” on his YouTube and Twitch channels.

From the looks of things, though, he seems like he doesn’t want people commenting on his social media pages at all.

Recently, the studio shared an update for GTA Online regarding new content additions, such as two new race cars.

The update trailer has been uploaded to Rockstar’s YouTube channel and shared through its official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts as well.

However, comments under the YouTube video are disabled, and Rockstar has limited replies for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts, only allowing people to like and share them.

The studio hasn’t given an explanation for this, but it undoubtedly has to do with the massive GTA 6 leak that took place over the weekend.

As a reminder, many screenshots and video footage of an early version were stolen by hackers and shared online.

Obviously, Rockstar knows that future social media posts will be inundated with people asking for more information on GTA 6, giving their thoughts on leaked footage, or even sharing the leaks themselves.

So, in order to avoid any such chatter on his social media pages, he has chosen to simply disable replies altogether. However, it didn’t do this retroactively for older posts and video uploads, presumably because it would take too long.

The lack of recognition from Rockstar means it’s unclear if this is just a short-term fix or if it’s going to the ultimate extreme and keeping the answers until GTA is released. 6.

Although Rockstar has assured fans that the leak won’t affect the development of the game, it’s obvious that they still face the consequences.

Luckily for the studio, it was reported that the City of London Police arrested the hacker responsible, who was offering to sell the source code for GTA 6 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

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