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Guy Found Gum Maker’s Lost Check For $4.8 Million And All He Got Was A ‘Cheap’ Box Of Candy

When someone returns a lost item, many recipients reward them for their honesty, but one German says the gift he received after returning a massive check was anything but special.

Anouar G. told the German newspaper Image that he did what was expected of him when he found a lost check for $4.8 million made out to the Haribo candy company.

The man passed him on his way home and saw him lying on the ground.

“There was such a sum on it that I couldn’t even pronounce it,” he told Bild. So the man contacted the company to tell them of his find and was told by a company lawyer to destroy it. Anouar G. says he followed the instructions and even sent a photo to prove it.

The man later received a thank you gift from the company for complying.

So what did he get? Six packets of sweets, according to the German.

“I thought it was a little cheap,” he said.

Haribo confirmed the incident to Bild, and added that the check was crossed. It would therefore have been useless for anyone other than the company.

“No one but our company could have bought it back,” the company representative told Bild.

Haribo, a company worth estimated at $3 billion according to Forbes, they said what they sent Anouar was their standard thank-you package.

People have taken to the story on social media and some of the comments are quite comedic.

One person said they would be ‘pissed off’ if all they got was a box of candy after returning the cheque.

Other reviewers have pointed out that you can’t cash a check when it’s addressed to someone else.

One person had the ultimate solution: change their name.

Another Twitter user explained how he would spend all that money.

Someone expressed how they thought the German must have reacted when he saw his award.

A commenter shared a creative solution on how to cash the check.

While the majority of people seemed shocked at how little Anouar G. received for finding and destroying the check, one person said a box of Haribo gummy bears make their day.

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