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Homebuilder Turns Basket Maker To Help With Christmas

8:46 am January 4, 2022

The headquarters of the South West’s largest homebuilder has been transformed into a basket-packing operation to share Christmas goodies with hundreds of people in North Somerset who have spent the Christmas holidays on their own. ‘year.

Barratt’s Southwestern team members David Wilson Homes purchased and stocked over 170 baskets with items such as tarts, canned food and tea, mugs, socks, puzzle books, bulbs potted and even poems written by elementary school students to deliver to those facing a tough time at Christmas.

They partnered up with the Marmalade Trust, which supports people who are single or at risk of loneliness and leads campaigns to raise awareness of this growing problem, after making the Bristol-based national charity their charity of the year for for the second year in a row, by donating £ 49,088 over two years.

Staff and volunteers from Barratt David Wilson Homes and Marmalade Trust packed the last baskets for Marmalade Trust to deliver in time for Christmas.

In 2021, the Barratt David Wilson Homes South West team raised £ 11,816 through a series of fundraising events and initiatives, which were matched by the Barratt Developments national team.

An additional donation of £ 5,000 from the South West Division means a total of £ 28,632 has been donated in 2021 to the Marmalade Trust to support its vital work to tackle loneliness.

Barratt David Wilson Homes is building hundreds of new homes and communities in the South West including Ladden Garden Village, Yate, Morton Meadows, Thornbury and Nerrols Grange, Taunton.

Lucy Norris, COO of the Marmalade Trust, said: “Christmas is often a difficult time of year for people who are alone. This has been made even more difficult over the past two years when, due to the pandemic, many have experienced extreme social isolation and feelings of loneliness.

“In this situation, Marmalade Trust wants to bring some Christmas cheer and cheer to those who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day.

“So we are very grateful to Barratt David Wilson Homes. The time, effort and generous donation of the South West team has helped Marmalade Trust provide support and friendship to some of the most vulnerable and lonely in our communities and to spread hope and joy in the coming year. “

Louise Ware, Sales Manager for Barratt David Wilson Homes South West, added, “We believe passionately in supporting the communities where we build new much needed homes. And we are very aware that this year brings many of the same challenges as last year, especially for those at risk of loneliness over Christmas.

“We are thrilled to have been part of the gift and companionship sharing this holiday season, and we are very grateful to our suppliers and contractors who have supported this campaign with gifts and donations.”

To donate to Marmalade Trust, visit