Social media

How fast food evolved in the age of social media

Social media has allowed fast food companies to show off their creativity as well as build (or rebuild) their brand, as was the case with Wendy’s. We all know the red-haired, pigtailed girl in the Wendy’s logo, but under the guidance of Kristin Tormey, Head of Social Media and Games for Wendy’s, the company started referring to Wendy as “her.” and made Wendy’s image central to her marketing, by RSQ magazine. Wendy’s has also built its brand by showing that it is not like its competitors. Wendy’s takes to Twitter to take on McDonald’s. In 2017, Wendy’s called out McDonald’s for its use of frozen burger patties, reports people magazine.

While logos and spokespersons have played a central role in social media campaigns for fast food companies, it’s also about limited-time specials (like breakfast deals), new items and fun. According XDesign, the love of new and limited-time items posted on social media has driven fast food companies to create menu items that will be liked, shared and retweeted. XDesign reports that fast food companies have moved away from promoting classics on social media and are instead starting to focus on these new items in a bid to encourage young people to share photos. The message is that if you don’t enter the restaurant and share a photo soon, it might disappear (via XDesign).