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How Kate Henshaw, Mr. Macaroni, unveiled Gtext’s Jasper Estate on social media

Nigerian Ace actress, Kate Henshaw alongside famous Nigerian sketch maker, Macaroni, unveiled Gtext Homes latest estate Jasper in Isheri on Saturday October 1st.

According to the management of the property development company branch of Gtext Holdings, the new estate dubbed Jasper Isheri, has been nurtured to meet the ever-increasing need for housing and property in Lagos.

Speaking in an interview at the unveiling and awarding ceremony, Group Managing Director, Gtext Holdings, Dr. Stephen Akintayo expressed his optimism about the prospects for the new domain. He added that the new estate was the result of proper futuristic planning of the future of property development in Nigeria.

“The development is a residential area which would include hotels, shopping malls, a hospital, a fitness center and a school. We have fenced off the property, and the goal for us is to sell half of the property, then finance the development of drainage, roads while building a modern urban structure. The reason we have dedicated ourselves to showing people our properties from day one is because of our integrity. We are in a country where people do not trust. It’s also why we have celebrities here with us at the launch event. For us, it helps our image, and it’s one of the reasons we have one of the cleanest drives on the market.

The launch event witnessed the allotment of land to people who purchased part of the property in the new estate by Kate Henshaw and Mr Macaroni

Kate Henshaw noted that Lagos is tight and packed. She added that although places like Abraham Adesanya or the Epe axis in Lagos are opening, a place like this in Isheri just at the edge of main Lagos is more like still being in Lagos as one will probably not miss anything in Lagos.

She added, “I identify with this brand because of its integrity. It was easy for me to line up when they said I had to come see. This is not a situation where you launch a venue online, but we are physically there. Of course, Gtext is not just in Jasper Isheri, it is in different places in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, and that speaks to the branding, integrity and value they attribute themselves.

For his part, Adebowale Adedayo, better known as Mr. Macaroni, praised the company for the new development. He pointed out that there is no such thing as having land noting that its value never decreases.

Speaking about the advantages of investing in Jasper Isheri Estate, Mr. Macaroni added that “one can own the land for oneself and also invest in it. So you are assured that while you are doing your job, you know there is money working for you somewhere. Of course, and you know that this area is already in high demand and still likely to become more in demand as the day goes on.