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Independent newspaper | Another opportunity for Ghaath creator Chhatrapal Ninawe at the Berlinale

The Berlin Film Festival invites filmmaker Chhatrapal Ninawe to screen his film in the 2023 edition.

Independent Filmmaker from a tribal background Chhatrapal Ninawe, who was prevented from screening his Marathi feature debut, ‘Ghaath’ at the Berlin International Film Festival by the producer last year, has been invited to screen it again in 2023.

While the film was selected to be screened at the Berlinale in January 2021, in February 2021 the Jio Studios which produced the film had sent a restraining order to the festival, prohibiting the film’s premiere. Drishyam Films was also the film’s other producer. However, any inquiries about the release of the film, which wrapped filming in 2019, would lead Ninawe to a dead end. Frustrated, he expressed his anger and despair on social media earlier this year. Following this, support started pouring in for him from the media, film critics, filmmakers, and more.

“The issue is not completely resolved yet. But the studio has been cooperative now. They said they couldn’t release the film for legal reasons. But they are ready to help. So now I’m looking for a producer , an investor or benefactor who would buy the film rights back from the studio,” Ninawe said.

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The last date for him to apply for the Berlinale is November 15, 2022. So if he manages to find a producer by then, he can screen the film at the Berlinale in 2023.

“I will be grateful to the media who picked up my story and helped me make my voice heard. Many people showed my support. Now, if I manage to find a solution quickly, I will finally be able to present my film ahead- first,” says Ninawe.

A thriller, Ghaath is set in the Naxal affected region of Maharashtra, based on the lives of tribal people, police and Naxalites. In 2020, the film was shortlisted for the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) ‘Work-In-Progress (WIP) Lab’ and won the Prasad Lab DI and Moviebuff Appreciation awards.