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Kangana Ranaut fails to appear in front of Mumbai police

Mumbai (PTI): Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut did not appear before Mumbai police on Wednesday as part of an FIR recorded against her over a post that allegedly linked farmers’ protests to a separatist group, a declared an official.

An FIR was registered against Ranaut at the Khar police station last month following a complaint filed by a Sikh organization.

Earlier this month, the police sent him a notice of questioning. Her lawyer had told the Bombay High Court that she would appear before Khar police on December 22.

On Wednesday, his lawyer requested an alternate court date.

“According to the spirit, purpose and intention of the High Court order, we asked the investigator for an earlier date and wanted to expedite the process before the next court hearing. However, the investigator did was unwilling to accommodate us. He also did not respond to my messages or calls and he did not reconsider the letter served on him immediately after the order, Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan said. Sidique.

“Now my client will appear before him at another date as soon as possible. If the officer does not accommodate us, then we will leave it to the High Court to decide the case on the merits,” he said. declared.

City police previously told Bombay’s High Court that they would not arrest Ranaut until January 25, 2022 for his social media post that allegedly linked the farmers’ protests to a separatist group.

Police made the statement after the HC said the issue concerned the broader issue of Ranaut’s fundamental right to free speech and that the court should grant him interim relief.

Ranaut approached the HC earlier this month, demanding that the FIR registered against her at the Khar Police Station be quashed.

The FIR was registered against the actor following a complaint filed by some members of a Sikh body who claimed that Ranaut, via his Instagram post, had described the farmers’ protest on the Delhi border as a Khalistani movement.

Police then convicted Ranaut of deliberately interfering with the religious feelings of the community, under section 295-A of the Indian Penal Code.

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