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Kmart’ Australia’s New $10 Sushi-Making Kit Sells Across Australia: ‘Total Game Changer’

Kmart fans are going wild over a new cult kitchen purchase that has been described as a “total game changer”.

The retail giant sushi making kit retails for just $10 and promises to help you make sushi in minutes without any mess.

See how Kmart’s cult sushi maker works in the video above

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The kit includes a machine that turns a few key ingredients into the perfect sushi roll, taking all the hard work out of the process.

A Kmart shopper took to TikTok to show off how the new kitchen gadget works with a video that has garnered nearly half a million views.

In the sequence, the user – who uses the handle @mumma_2_three – can be seen placing sushi rice on both sides of the craft.

The kit helps you make sushi in minutes. Credit: mom_2_three/TikTok

She then layered it with tuna, cucumber strips and avocado in the center and closed the sushi machine.

From there, the mother used a plastic pipe – supplied with the kit – to push the sushi out, leaving a perfectly round roll.

She then rolled the sushi on seaweed paper using the bamboo mat provided.

Many TikTok users wanted to get their hands on a kit.

“That’s awesome. Guess what I’m buying next time I’m at Kmart,” one said.

Wrote another: “I need one!”

A third said: “It’s a must.”

The sushi maker sells for $10 at Kmart. Credit: mom_2_three/TikTok

Other Kmart shoppers took to social media to praise the new purchase after trying it out.

“I bought the new Sushi Maker, it’s so good. I made three rolls in about 10 minutes,” said one Facebook user.

“Total game changer,” added another. “I used to dread making sushi because of the mess, now it’s so easy.

One added: “This machine is amazing, I use it all the time.”