Social media

Letter: Social media is a valuable outlet for expressing our rage

We should pay more attention to the “actual thingism,” not less, as Jemima Kelly suggests (Opinion, June 9). She, Elon Musk and many others have set out to tackle the mass attention deficit fueled by the social media business model.

I have a different point of view. There are so many things to worry about, even to be outraged about, whether they are new problems or old ones. I started listing them, but it was too long. Social media is one of the few channels we have to express our concern.

These outpourings of rage should be respected and listened to, not ridiculed. It’s not just talking either. Many more are volunteering their time and money to campaign for change, design new ways of doing things, quit toxic companies, take to the streets for the issues that matter to them.

As individuals, we have limited power to influence the complex and massive issues we all face, and it often feels that those with power are too focused on their own interests to make the effort to our name. The worst case scenario is that we stop caring and stop protesting. I fear more that the citizens of the world will be so tired of our powerlessness and the dismissive attitudes of the powerful that we will give in and it will all overwhelm us.

So please everyone, support the Present Thing, vocally and in any way you can. It’s the only way to change the world for the better and your voice and purchasing power are your most powerful weapons.

Hilary Sutcliffe
SocietyInside, London SE21, UK