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Limpopo perfume maker encourages women to create opportunities for rural communities – SABC News

Perfume producer Matimba Makaringe (32) from Nkowa-nkowa township, outside Tzaneen, Limpopo, encouraged other women to work hard and create employment opportunities for rural communities as that South Africa is celebrating Women’s Month.

Create opportunities

Makaringe urged women to work hard and create job opportunities for rural communities. She started a perfume manufacturing business from her home in 2017. She is happy that her business now provides jobs for several women. .

His company -Courageous Cosmetics currently has a branding, marketing and training contract with the Small Business Development Agency. Makaringe is a self-taught perfumer who took a crash course in perfume creation before starting her business.

The Free State University business communications graduate says she started the business after experiencing several misfortunes.

“A hot water bottle had burst on my thighs so I suffered second degree burns. And a few months later I had a miscarriage. And I was in a relationship with a partner who left me a huge debt. So the stench of the burns and the blood from the miscarriage stuck on me. So I tried to buy brand name perfumes and I just couldn’t afford them. I So I met someone who helped me make my own perfume, and while I was using it, I realized there was a market for it, she says.

Matimba Makaringe has created opportunities for his community by employing 4 women in his perfume manufacturing business

Seize every opportunity

She says starting the business was not easy; however, she encourages women to take every little opportunity they have to improve their lives.

“No one will come to save us if you replant here and make it a successful business. When I started this business, I worked in the garage for five years in the workshop last year, and I fought tooth and nail to be here. I just watch the work. We try to create systems that use technology instead of social media to gossip. I go to social media to find opportunities. She adds.

Lifestyle change

One of her employees, Mpho Mashaba, says working in the perfume shop in Makaringe was a life-changing experience as her business created jobs for black people.

“We can do our own thing. And as for me, since we offer manufacturing, training and buying and reselling opportunities, it could also have been more personal, because I can take the opportunity to do my own thing and become an agent type market for other businesses and help them grow. .” Machaba explains.

Makaringe adds that she wants to restore hope and confidence to women who reside in underdeveloped communities by helping them produce quality and affordable perfume products.