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Lucid’s Social Media Activity Sparks Tri-Motor Air Variant Unveil Rumors

Lucid Motors has been very active on social media lately, and it’s sparking rumors that the EV maker is planning to launch its tri-motor Air variant soon. If speculation from the EV community is correct, Lucid could introduce a tri-motor Air on August 19, 2022.

The first rumors about the potential launch of the tri-engine Air variant began when Lucid posted a group photo of its staff with CEO Peter Rawlinson showing off the number “3” with their hands on social media. The Publish was quite enigmatic, with Lucid simply stating that the EV community should “count on something extraordinary” on the 19th at The Quail.

More rumors about the tri-motor Air variant gained traction today, as published by Lucid another trailer for its next announcement on August 19. This time around, the automaker has included a graphic showcasing what appear to be three electric motor components. The post’s caption was a huge eye-opener. “Three is a magic number. See why at The Quail. 08.19.22 #BlueMeansGo #DreamAhead,” Lucid wrote.

Lucid’s tri-motor Air variant is no secret. The vehicle and its capabilities have been teased for years, although almost two years ago the tri-motor Air made headlines when it accomplished a feat that even the gold standard of electric vehicles at the time – the Raven Performance Model S – could not match. In a test, the Lucid Air trimotor completed the standing quarter mile in 9.245 seconds.

Needless to say, the Tesla Model S Plaid would likely find a worthy challenger within days. So far, Tesla’s flagship tri-motor sedan is listed with a quarter mile time of 9.23 seconds at a trap speed of 155 mph. Given how competitive Lucid is, it wouldn’t be surprising if the tri-motor Air had slightly better numbers than the Model S Plaid.

In a way, it’s electric vehicle buyers who are likely to be the winners in the new three-engine arms race among automakers. Lucid had nearly two years to perfect its tri-motor Air, so it would most likely feature specs that beat Plaid. Tesla has a reputation for stubbornly refusing to stay in second place, however. With the tri-motor Air pictured, it also wouldn’t be surprising if Tesla responded by possibly unlocking more Model S Plaid performance or even announcing the canceled Plaid+.

In the meantime, here’s a look back at Lucid’s Air tri-motor quarter-mile record run.

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Lucid’s Social Media Activity Sparks Tri-Motor Air Variant Unveil Rumors