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MAFS stars Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro fight on social media

Just when we thought we had completely given up caring about the stars of Married At First Sight 2021 as we gear up for a new MAFS thrown next year, Bryce ruthven and Sam carraro got a public punch and suddenly we got involved again.

It all started on Friday night at the What It Takes charity boxing match, which Carraro was in.

Apparently, after Carraro’s victorious fight, words were exchanged between him and Ruthven, who attended as a spectator, and a brawl ensued. You can read all about junk here.

Days after the drama and this pair can’t help but swap little punches, except instead of half-ass slaps they took to social media, as is tradition.

In summary, in order not to waste too much brainpower thinking about these people, Sam Carraro came out (verbally) first, according to the Sun Herald, who cite the MAFS star as saying, “I’m not his friend and he had no reason to be at a fight night. He has two young children. What was he doing even there?”

the Sun Herald Also says that Carraro called Ruthven a ‘narcissist’ before apparently adding, ‘Bryce is just full of shit. It’s that simple. “

Ruthven then took to social media to defend this insult to his parents in a video he posted to TikTok, in which he talks most of the time while his fiancee (and mother of his twins Levi and Tate) Lemon balm Rawson nods in the background.

He helpfully explained what triggered things, saying:

“[Sam] was saying all these things ‘fuck Gonzo, fuck Bryce, pussy’ all these things, wanting to fight. I never wanted to fight the guy. I have no interest in a boxing match. I’m a lover not a fighter, I’m just more interested in my partner and my twins ”, MAFS star said in the video, before adding:

“I called him a flogging. I don’t think there is anything wrong with calling it a whip. People around us called him much worse and then he left [into the crowd] and gave us a little comment and I basically said “buddy, you’re a whip, nobody likes you, go ahead.”

While we can’t deny that maybe it was correct to call Sam Carraro a “flog”, it’s a bit of a black pot situation, isn’t it?

Either way, it’s a pretty entertaining little pre-Christmas treat. Apparently, Carraro will be the guest of the spicy So Dramatic podcast this week.