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‘Mr. Smooth’ upset, sends warning about ‘wrong’ social media posts, thanks ‘fans’ | Additional News

A radio DJ has posted a notice on his social media pages warning people to refrain from sharing “mistaken” information on social media about an alleged incident on Sunday.

A Facebook user accused the DJ of physically assaulting his wife during the incident.

Randy Mansoor, also known as Mr Smooth, posted the opinion, written by his lawyer Shervon Noriega, on his social media pages yesterday.

Noriega said Mansoor saw and noted with concern the “clear attack” on his character, as evidenced by a social media post “dripping with bad intentions, inaccurate information and calculated statements designed to destroy good reputation. of our client”.

He said these were followed by “erroneous” social media posts that resulted in the “deliberate defamation” of Mansoor.

“It should be noted first that our client categorically denies any of the alleged actions he allegedly committed and has given us strict instructions to sue on his behalf the original author of the baseless statements and premeditated and any other releases of the same from the manufacturer,” Noriega said.

“We will also hasten to inform people that any further republication will be considered a further defamatory statement and we have received instructions from Mr. Mansoor to act on this with immediate effect. He further informs us that he has also reported the incident to the police and that they will investigate the same,” he added.

The Express has been told that Mansoor’s lawyers were up until last night preparing a pre-action protocol letter to be addressed to the original author of the allegations.