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Now China wants to review all social media comments

According to reports, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) in a new draft has instructed internet platforms to hire content moderators to review all user comments and filter out harmful content before posting online.

The proposed guidelines would include all types of comments, including those that appear in videos. The controversial decision, seen as a move to restrict free speech, is open for comment until July 1.

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Restrictions also include real-time comments and replies made by users on the net. The CAC has demanded that content moderation teams be appointed by internet platforms that “correspond to the scale of their service” as China continues to clamp down on the internet inside the “Great Firewall”.

Regulators previously issued guidelines for reviewing user comments on news content.

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Penalties for breaking the new rules include fines, warnings, and even suspension from the comment function or the entire service, according to reports.

The draft rule states that social media users will have to register with their real identity and if the rules are violated the user may be banned from commenting or may be asked to delete comments with tougher measures in place , including account suspension and deactivation.

In another development, Chinese authorities on Wednesday issued new rules for online anchors to “maintain the right tone in political guidance, public communication and actively embody core socialist values.” The new protocols apply to live streamers which have become increasingly popular in the country.

Live broadcasters have been told to obtain “professional qualifications” before streaming their program online with restrictions placed on education, law, health and finance categories.

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