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Police report: beware of weird social media friend requests

Sunshine Coast RCMP reported the following November 15-22

Sunshine Coast RCMP reported the following November 15-22


  • On November 18, a coastal resident said he was scammed after meeting someone on a popular social media site. The new friend convinced the resident that he knew a way to get rich quick by investing in Bitcoin. The resident followed the friend’s instructions and opened various accounts at various sites and transferred a large sum of money to buy Bitcoin. The resident’s account was then frozen and the resident was unable to access her money. When the resident tried to contact customer service on the account site, she was told she would have to pay another large sum of money to unlock her account. While the specific details may change, this type of scam is incredibly common. Police are warning everyone against any type of investment scheme that new friends try to convince them to participate in, and to do their due diligence before committing to do so.
  • On November 18, a coastal resident said he was scammed after receiving a message on a popular social media site from someone posing as an old friend. After the resident accepted the message, the old friend convinced the resident to speak to an officer about the grants and benefits for the elderly and the disabled. The resident contacted the agent, who asked the resident to pay the fee to access the grant money with Apple iTunes gift cards. The resident purchased a gift card and submitted the activation code before realizing it was a scam and ceasing all communication with the old friend or agent. To learn more about popular scams and red flags to watch out for, please visit sites such as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, the Better Business Bureau, or the Competition Bureau.


On November 22, a single vehicle incident was reported at an address in the 12500 block of Baker Road, Madeira Park, after a vehicle crashed into the garage. The lone driver and occupant, known to the police, fled before the police arrived. The collision caused moderate damage to the door and the structural frame, but luckily no one at the address was injured. Police will follow up with the driver, and the case is still under investigation.

Break and enter

Shortly after 5 p.m. on November 19, a break-in alarm went off at a business in the 5600 block of Lamprey Lane, Sechelt. The real estate reference and the police attended the scene and found that the suspect had entered the premises after breaking a window. The suspect, who was caught on security video stealing a large number of shoes, was identified and arrested for break and enter and theft under $ 5,000. The suspect was released on an undertaking not to report to the company and the case is still under investigation.


On November 17, wrongdoing was reported at an address in the 1200 block of Payne Road, Gibsons. The suspect used white spray paint to degrade a property sign. The same suspect is believed to have tagged the equipment at the same address a month earlier, using only chalk at that time. Anyone with information on this mischief is asked to contact the RCMP, police file reference 2021-800067.
On the night of November 19, a suspect attempted to enter a business on the 5600 block of Cowrie Street, Sechelt, breaking a glass door. The suspect was unable to enter, but police are reviewing footage from security cameras and the case is still under investigation.


  • Between November 14 and 15, a suspect stole a distinctive necklace from a store in the Trail Bay Mall. Handcrafted silver chain necklace is made of pink and transparent glass beads, wire flower and pendant made of rose painted copper bar, large round glass bead , a patterned silver ring and several matching pink pearls dangling. The manufacturer’s initials are lightly marked on the back of the copper bar. Anyone with information about this theft is asked to contact the RCMP, police file reference 2021-800068.
  • Between November 12 and 13, a suspect stole a burgundy 12-speed Bishiki Regal road bike from the 800 block of North Rd, Gibsons. The bike had flat tires, two black Italia saddlebags and gold fenders. The bike has a serial number: CD10490 and anyone with information about this theft is urged to contact the RCMP, Police File Reference 2021-7652.
  • On the night of November 19, a suspect entered an unlocked vehicle parked in the 5700 block of Ebbtide Street, Sechelt, and stole a pink dog seat with a paw print pattern and rear view mirror. Police remind the public to remove all valuables and to lock their vehicles to deter opportunistic thieves.
  • Between October 30 and November 5, a suspect entered a locked vehicle parked in the 6200 block of Oracle Road, Sechelt and stole a wallet containing identification, including a Social Insurance Number card , bank cards, credit cards and cash. Police remind everyone to remove all valuables from vehicles and to avoid unnecessarily carrying identification such as social insurance cards, birth certificates, citizenship cards, as these items can easily be used to commit identity theft. To learn more about how to protect yourself against identity theft, please visit sites such as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at, the Better Business Bureau at or the Competition Bureau at, where you can get a copy of the very useful Little Black Book of Scams

Property found

On November 17, a small purse was returned. The owner can claim it within 90 days with a detailed description. Please refer to Police File 2021-7730.


The Online Crime Reporting (OCR) system is available for incidents on the Sunshine Coast where you have lost, stolen, or sustained property or property damage that cost less than $ 5,000 to replace or repair. The OCR system is also suitable for conduct complaints that are not pending. For more details, please visit or enter “Sunshine Coast online crime reporting” into your search engine.