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Post personalized social status on Chat Messenger and social media platforms with WhatscutPro

Do you really want that cool video or trending song as your WhatsApp or Instagram status? But it’s too long! WhatscutPro comes to the rescue. The app offers nearly 3.3 billion social media and instant messaging users across the world the ability to cut out part of a long video or audio file and upload it as a status. Currently, downloading long videos and audio files on WhatsApp or Instagram as status is not possible. Apart from solving this problem, WhatscutPro also allows users to save audio status and edit videos.

Whatscutpro is a mobile tool to create mobile video or audio content to update status on chat messengers and social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and IMO from a single platform. The application is downloadable from Android Play Store.

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The app has a robust player to support almost all types of video and audio formats including Ac-3, MP3, AAC, etc. Social media enthusiasts can split long videos into multiple short videos. All of these short videos can be updated as status automatically through the app. This is done to achieve the required length allowed by various social networks and instant messaging platforms.

Another unique feature introduced by the app is that users can also record their voice and update it as a status. So instead of writing their status, users can just say it.

To download a status through Whatscutpro, users have two options. First, they can download from a list of trending videos or audios, split them (if needed) and upload the status to any social network or instant messaging platform. The other way is they can create a video or audio story and save it to the gallery. They can then browse and select it in the app to download it as a status message.

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Content creators can take advantage of this app to get advertisement for brand, entertainment, movies and music. So, while generating content, they can connect with end users who can consume the content to generate interesting profiles which can in turn help their brand grow.

The app is owned by the Bangalore-based company, BitElit Technologies, founded by Vikas Shrivastav and Vipul Jain in October 2017. So far, the app has a global user base of almost 300,000 users, with over 1 million video conversions and 1,00,000 audio files.

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