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R. Madhavan is being trolled again on online social media

Madhavan is awaiting the release of his upcoming movie “Rocketry: The Nambi Effect” which is slated for release on July 1. The actor makes his debut at the helm of this biopic film. Recently, Madhavan was trolled by the web for his “Panchang” comment during ISRO’s Mars mission. The actor took to Twitter and realized he deserved to be trolled for using the word.

The actor continues to be busy with his promotions for the film, but another response from Twitter has raised his joint on the number of Indian users on Twitter. The response via virtual entertainment came after the actor said there were 25 lakh Indian users on Twitter rather than 250 lakh users. The Twitter user said: “Madhavansplaining: This @ActorMadhavan spews nonsense nonstop to promote his movie and it gets more and more laughable with each passing day. Is there no other way to promote his film than this?

Responding to the comment, Madhavan acknowledged that he had said the number by mistake since he was sleep deprived. Madhavan’s tweet read: “Easy bro…you are a sportsman…I’m exhausted and sleep deprived so said less than 25 lakhs instead of 250 lakhs…but fact was it was still less than 1.7% of the population – which was my point…why so much venom bro…not good for your sport.