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Reddit launches new “Meet Your Maker” marketing case study series

Have you considered Reddit for your marketing efforts?

If so, you’ve probably also pondered the how, with Reddit, at least in the past, not being the most obvious promotional option for brands, while its ever-expanding range of advertising options also raises more questions about the best approach for each business.

It might help – today Reddit announced a new series of videos which will highlight how various brands have successfully used the platform to increase awareness and sales.

The new series, titled ‘Meet your maker‘, takes an interview-based approach, providing direct insight into each brand’s marketing executives.

As explained by Reddit:

“Hosted on the Reddit for Business microsite and accompanied by in-depth downloadable case studies, Meet Your Maker gives marketers insight into the strategy and thinking behind the best campaigns on Reddit. As an ongoing series, the Meet Your Maker homepage will be regularly updated with new episodes and case studies highlighting how brands are using Reddit in innovative and creative ways.

Reddit 'Meet Your Creator'

This might be just what you need to familiarize yourself with Reddit Ads and the potential they offer – and with more 50 million daily active usersin over 100,000 active and engaged communities, there is certainly potential for audience research and connection, in a variety of ways.

Although it seems that Reddit has recently taken a slight step backwards in terms of usage.

At the end of 2019, Reddit reported having 430 million monthly active users, which it changed to 2020, reporting 52 million daily assets instead. There’s no definitive correlation between daily and monthly usage, so only Reddit would know for sure, but it’s likely indicative of a drop in users – unless only around 12% of its monthly users are logging on. daily.

But even more recently, on Reddit press siteit now reports 50 million users.

Reddit Usage Stats

Could it be that Reddit, like all other platforms, has lost ground to TikTok?

It would make sense. Reddit is a key source of memes and trends, which is also now TikTok’s bread and butter, and that may mean a few fewer people are now logging into Reddit every day.

Either way, scale isn’t the most relevant audience metric for most brands, and if you’re looking to get your promotions in front of a highly engaged and interested audience, subreddit targeting might be useful – and these new case study notes might provide the guidance you need to get the most out of your efforts.

You can check out Reddit’s “Meet Your Maker” series herewhich will be regularly updated with new episodes as they become available.