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#RelieveYourFeed and change your life on social media

Quick fixes for migraines are the holy grail for sufferers. But while a new initiative from Biohaven may not offer a complete panacea, it nonetheless tackles the problem with intelligence and flair.

#RelieveYourFeed walks Twitter users through some common migraine triggers — including light levels, lack of sleep, and stress — then immediately redirects them to their Twitter settings page, where changes can be made. “Empowerment” ranks up there with “authenticity” among common marketing buzzwords – but by directly guiding customers to positive change that can be made instantly, Biohaven actually empowers users.

(The company is the maker of migraine medications Nutrec ODTapproved by the Food and Drug Administration last year for the prevention and treatment of migraines.)

“It’s a basic, simple construct of empowerment,” said CEO and Director of Biohaven, Dr. Vlad Coric. “Giving someone the tools to improve their condition and identify stressors and other triggers like volume and light, then put them right in their Twitter feed and empower them to change those things – that’s part of the empowerment, just like learning about our medicine.These things go hand in hand.

Coric sees #RelieveYourFeed as a particularly effective tool for the broader patient market, primarily women who tend to experience migraines for the first time between their teens and 50s. “They’re all plugged in; they are online,” he added.

#RelieveYourFeed overlaps with other Biohaven initiatives, many of which are influencer-focused. Khloe Kardashian, for some, has been a spokesperson for Biohaven since the launch of “Take Back Today” in 2020. Whether they come from a Kardashian or a less famous spokesperson, however, Coric considers patient testimonials as a particularly powerful tactic.

“Khloe is one of our mega-influencers, but also Greg Peterman, who did seven missions in the Middle East veteran and had severe migraines,” Coric noted. “When someone hears the story of these people, they feel empowered. This is the goal of the whole campaign.

Not surprisingly, Biohaven supported a number of initiatives around Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, which ended last Thursday. In addition to #RelieveYourFeed, Biohaven has partnered with the National Headache Foundation to launch Operation Brainstorm, focused on veterans and active duty military. The “Migraine Perspectives” video raised awareness about migraines among men — and especially black men, who are less likely to receive adequate migraine care.

“We reached a record level of weekly prescriptions: 37,000 in one week,” Coric reported. He added that early feedback on #RelieveYourFeed is strong, with over 40,000 hits to the website.

While Biohaven’s campaign is focused on migraine, Coric thinks its approach — offering a list of immediately achievable changes — may have wider relevance in other areas of mental health.

“Mental health is about how you function, how you maintain an appropriate outlook on life, maintain your optimism and deal with challenges,” he explained. “We can control how much we let unnecessary stress and negative inputs, which we basically receive 24 hours a day, impact our lives.