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Snapmaker Spreads Holiday Cheer With Social Media Campaigns

As the holiday season approaches, digital maker Snapmaker has joined the festival with its social media campaigns and year-end offers for the maker community.

To construct clients’ Wonderland

Snapmaker hosted the 8th Snapmaking Contest with the theme “Build Your Wonderland”. Among all the Christmas decorations made by the participants, the grand prize, a $ 1,000 coupon, went to Nicklaus clemmer which made a dream Christmas village. Created the main body of the village with the 3D printing function of Snapmaker 2.0, Christmas trees and a panel with the laser module and the lake with the rotating Snapmaker 2.0 module, the village mixed everything perfectly.

To share followers’ New Years Wishes

In addition, the manufacturer organized an event on social networks of December 13 to 24, encouraging its followers to share how Snapmaker can help them make New Year’s wishes come true. The winners are expected to take home the improvised Snapmaker 2.0 A350T. Hundreds of entries were received, ranging from tailoring to personalized gifts and create exhilarating moments with your loved ones with the help of Snapmaker.

“I want to start a new business for myself and my wife making high end wood decorations and household items. accessories. The Snapmaker would go a long way in making this idea a reality! Said Zacharie.

“I’m looking to win one so that I can deepen my craft and have a faster workflow to help my ambition to do more and inspire others like my family and good open-minded people. »Shared Daniel.

Celebrate the Holidays with the Rest of the World

“We are delighted to provide offers on our products, in the hopes of making our customers’ vacations more meaningful and special,” said Rainie, Marketing Director at Snapmaker. During this holiday promotion period of December 16 to 31, customers can save 20% on most categories by purchasing from Snapmaker’s online store or Amazon.

At December 27, the Discovery Factory at Holland hosted a special event and worked with their attendees on the Snapmaker machine to create a stamp with their own names. “We are happy to see that we are celebrating this joyful and happy holiday season with our users around the world,” said Rainie.

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