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Social Media Can Bring Social Change For Good: Yuvraj Pokharna

Social media is unfiltered by nature, where ordinary men can upload content as they go, or even broadcast live as events unfold in real time.

In the modern age, like-minded people come together in online communities on social media platforms to discuss everything from social change to trivial issues. These platforms give people a chance to share and openly discuss their views. Surat-based social media expert and activist Yuvraj Pokharna said: “Social media has revolutionized our lives – by democratizing content. I try to take advantage of the powerful digital realm to deliver content on issues related to insecure issues and topics. The range of content shared on social media, which has grown over time, has created a new opportunity to share information about social injustices and call on consenting users to unite in the face of inequalities. .

Social media is unfiltered by nature, where ordinary men can upload content as they go, or even broadcast live as events unfold in real time. Which means the chance to see something disturbing, shocking or impactful is never just a few tweets / posts away. But it is this very quality of social media platforms that can fill people with the passion driven by loathing to make positive change in the world. “Today’s youth are eclectic and believe in the power of logic and reasoning. It inspires my thought process and I work with that thought even when creating content, ”says Yuvraj Pokharna. Pokharna is a young math teacher who has become somewhat of national fame in his quest for truth and social media has been a catalyst in this regard. He is now a social media influencer, young activist, diligent columnist and aspiring opinion maker.

The exposure you get on social media that has been captured on a mobile phone and uploaded straight to the world is a whole way to learn new things now. Social media platforms have replaced all other media by being the fastest and easiest way to consume up-to-date information on current events. When it comes to activism, it’s key to getting information out to anyone who might want it – getting the details of a protest, for example, in front of millions of eyes in seconds just by using the right keywords and hashtags.

These social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, whose content we so willingly consume for hours every day, are instrumental in disseminating information and motivating change in society, Pokharna explains. The power of a group of like-minded people is one thing, but the power of millions of users around the world standing in solidarity with each other in shared passion is another level of potential for change.

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