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LONDON: Breaking with the international community’s outpouring of grief and commiseration over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Iran’s leaders remained silent as state media published offensive remarks about the British monarch.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and hardline President Ebrahim Raissi have not offered their condolences to Charles III, Britain’s new king, or the British people since his death was announced on Thursday.

The Foreign Office also remained silent, leaving Iran a major international aberration as foreign governments and leaders paid tribute to it.

Iranian media, however, issued several statements, with the Fars news agency attacking his “bloody legacy to humanity”.

The agency published an article outlining the queen’s alleged ailments, listing alleged actions against states including Egypt, Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan.

He claimed the monarch used questionable methods to enhance her personal wealth and slapped the cost of her state funeral.

Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in June 1952 and has been regularly attacked by Iran’s rulers since the Tehran coup that took place a year later, which was backed by Britain and the United States. United to depose the Prime Minister and strengthen the power of Shah Mohammad. Reza Pahlavi.

The shah was a friend of the queen, whom the Iranian regime described as “the last survivor” of those involved in the 1953 coup.

She had no connection to the MI6 and CIA operation to support the Iranian monarchy in 1953, but the conspiracy theories remained popular among certain elements of Iranian society, according to Borzou Daragahi, international correspondent for The Independent.

The shah visited Britain and met Queen Elizabeth before the revolution that toppled the Iranian monarchy in 1979.

The queen visited Iran in 1961, with the shah naming a street in central Tehran after her. The name was changed after the revolution.

While Iranian leaders have remained silent since his passing, Reza Pahlavi, the late shah’s son, issued a statement offering his family’s condolences.

“During her reign as the oldest monarch in the world, she served as an honorable and noble force both for justice and progress and for the continuity and unity of her nation,” he said. in a press release.

“She will be remembered for that and with abiding respect for her service to the UK and its people,” added Pahlavi, who is based in the United States, where he is an anti-regime campaigner. Iranian.