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Social media personalities offered $100 to Bash Elon Musk and Tesla

A piece of advice emailed to our friends at Teslarati revealed that a filmmaker is hiring up to 100 people to smack Tesla and Elon Musk. Specifically, those hired will be prominent social media influencers who are willing to read, register and produce statements disparaging Musk and Tesla, with a focus on self-driving cars.

Apparently the next short will be called Man v Musk. The company concerned is looking to hire “75-100 actors with a strong social media presence/following to read and record a new 10-15 minute monologue themselves.” The job posting says it will be a flat fee of $100 for the job which should take about an hour.

The list specifically indicates that the actors will be responsible for taking care of the recording. It looks like they have to do it at home or in the office and then upload their finished video online. Once an influencer has recorded and posted their video on social media platforms, they will receive the payment of $100. Teslarati notes that only a few people had read and downloaded the script when he checked the casting call.

The script begins with the following text via Teslarati: “Hey Everybody! How is it going? Thanks for coming. I am Jordan. Welcome to the “Man Versus Musk” show. A comedy. A call to action. A political movement that demands our attention and focus. More on the Musk case later.

Apparently he keeps claiming that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is “intentionally deaf to distracted driving. Additionally, the script essentially calls Musk a liar and a cheat, and the world’s number one “champion of distracted driving.” This suggests that Musk cares no less about people or safety, and that all he cares about is money and fame.

There’s a little more to the script, though the main points are clear. It aims to shed light on Musk’s billionaire status and how he got rich at the expense of others. The script essentially claims that thanks to Musk’s years of lies, people are paying less attention on the road and instead trusting their car’s safety features will keep them safe.

Clearly, opinions are everywhere on the subject of Musk’s optimism (ridiculous timelines) surrounding full self-driving and robotaxis. Not to mention whether or not the technology should have such a name. However, Tesla has maintained from the start that its safety technologies are practical systems and that the driver is fully responsible for the vehicle at all times.