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Social Work Students Receive Federal Funding for Careers in Child Welfare – Jagwire

Morgan Fields

Augusta University’s Bachelor of Social Work program, housed in the Department of Social Sciences at Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, was awarded $40,000 as part of Georgia’s Title IV-E public child protective education program.

This funding was granted to the university through the efforts of BSW Professors Penny Alderman and Morgan Fields.

The Title IV-E program, a federally funded stipend program available to students pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work, is an effort to develop a stable and skilled workforce in the public system. Child Welfare of Georgia. The award was shared between two students – seniors Mary Long and Keleshia Allen – who are seeking long-term careers in social work.

Augusta University is eligible for this funding through a collaborative partnership with the Division of Family and Children’s Services of the Georgia Department of Social Services.

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Augusta University’s social work program aims to prepare its students for the professional practice of social work. Students who earn a BSW can gain employment as children, family, health care, mental health, and school social workers.

Students graduate with on-site experience through one-on-one mentorship from experienced social workers. This hands-on mentorship prepares students for their careers after graduation.

“I love helping to have an interest in developing new social workers with theoretical learning,” Alderman said.

Long and Allen had to go through a lengthy interview process to qualify for their awards. Long will use the funding to help cover living expenses this year and will also put some of the money into savings. Allen will use the funds to pay off student loans.

Both students are passionate about social work as they have a strong desire to serve others.

“Showing compassion during tough times really ignited a flame in me,” Long said.

Allen agrees. “I’ve always wanted to work in a field that helps people and I believe social work is for me,” she said.

Both students believe that Augusta University’s BSW program creates an environment in which they can thrive.

“Not only are the professors great, but the other BSW students who accompany you through the program are very supportive. The opportunities are endless with this major,” Long said.

The program also has prestige, which encouraged Allen to consider AU. “AU’s social work program is accredited, which many other schools lacked,” she said.

Allen and Long plan to work for the Division of Family and Children’s Services for one year after graduation, as a Title IV-E program requirement.

For more information about the social work program at Augusta University, visit the BSW website.


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