Social work

Statement of the Social Work Association of Gyspy, Roma, Traveler

A statement from the Gypsies, Roma and Travelers Social Work Association (GRTSWA):

“It has come to our attention that a video is being shared on social media which misrepresents a social work event attended by the Social Work Association of Gypsies, Roma and Travelers. The event was the annual conference of the British Association of Social Workers which we presented at.

The stand referenced in the video was set up by the Gypsies, Roma and Travelers Social Work Association to celebrate Gypsies, Roma and Travelers History Month and to educate social workers about our history and our cultures. This video was made secretly and at any time the person making the hidden video could have spoken to us.

We want to reassure families, communities and anyone who has seen this Gypsy, Roma and Traveler video that one of our main goals is to educate social workers, challenge the practice and improve understanding of our cultures.

Our intention is that this will lead to better outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveler families who come into contact with social services, as we have done in our own families.

The Gypsies, Roma and Travelers Social Work Association is made up of Gypsies, Roma and Roma social workers and proven allies. To have our intentions misinterpreted in this way is extremely dangerous and hurtful.

We are concerned about the harm and fear this video will cause to our communities and wanted to reassure that the association stands firmly against the insensitive and misinformed information contained in the video, which we have reported.”


The Travellers’ Times spoke to well-respected veteran gypsy and travel activists and verified that the above statement is true.

We would also like to thank and support GRTSWA. Sometimes change comes from within, and GRTSWA does strong campaigning work for this to happen within social work and social services.

TT Editor