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Ukrainian army robots: Portobello company will be sold with Portobello Robot Maker to help Dnipro children appeal

The Dnipro Kids Appeal, a charity run by Hibs fans, has helped 30 orphans flee a Ukrainian town with a business now selling Ukrainian-themed wooden robots. The charity is also working to help other orphanages evacuate from the city. Cahoots on Portobello High Street will now sell the popular six-inch models with the collection to […]

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The Change Maker connects community groups with trained volunteers

An online platform connecting community organizations with skilled professionals not only helps enable meaningful projects across the country, it also helps corporate employees fulfill their desire to do pro bono work for a worthy cause. . help tank is a digital marketplace specializing in providing skilled volunteers to community organizations and is founded on the […]

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Marin’s Maker Wine is shaking up the wine industry one can at a time

“When we started, what we heard a lot was people walking into a store and looking at a shelf of wines and having no idea how to make a decision that was right for them,” says Kendra Kawala , a co-founder of Novato’s Maker Wine. “As an indicator of quality, people often go back to […]

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Social work in the UK dramatically increases reach, enrollment and impact

LEXINGTON, Ky. (August 25, 2021) — From the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the movement against social injustice, societal challenges have forced us to take a closer look at disparities across the country. How can we, as a society, meet these unprecedented challenges? The answer isn’t simple, but the University of Kentucky’s College of […]