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Taylor Price, Based in Naples, Expands Follow-up on TikTok and Social Media | Business Observer

Complicated back surgery when she was 14 drastically changed Taylor Price’s career path. The future doctor turned to financial advice instead, and now, barely old enough to legally buy a beer, Price has become somewhat of a pioneer in providing financial advice to an underserved but potentially gigantic market: the generation Z.

The crowd of investors under 30, not to mention the millions of people who don’t invest but need sound money management guidelines and principles, is the new holy grail for brokerage firms. and wealth management companies. From Goldman Sachs to Bank of America, industry giants are investing big to gain market share among this demographic, for which Price says financial illiteracy is like a “silent pandemic.”

A part-time Naples resident, Price discovered her secret sauce through a straightforward, sensible approach to the finances of someone crossing her, like Suze Orman. The difference maker? Price is 21 years old and she is reaching her coveted audience through social media. She has 1.2 million followers on TikTok; 25,300 YouTube subscribers and 92,000 Instagram subscribers.

And it’s not just social media statistics. Her sites and accounts generated at least $ 30,000 per month in revenue in 2020, according to an April Business Insider profile on Price, a figure she confirms in a Business Observer interview. And, by the spring, Price had set aside at least an additional $ 200,000 in contracts.

Most of the revenue comes from the ads sold on its social media sites, with some from sponsorships and partnerships. She has several other brands and business ideas, all under the Taylor Price LLC and Fifecta entities. (The latter, which stands for finance and three, has 30,000 Instagram followers.)

“At first I thought it was a side activity,” Price says. “Now it’s a career to help people. I am driven to help people live their best financial lives. My goal is to help people, especially Gen Z, grow their financial trees. “

Price grew up in upstate New York. Fascinated by the brain, she intended to become a neurosurgeon. Yet that plan was derailed after she underwent major spinal fusion surgery just before ninth grade. The operation led to further complications, to the point that Price had to relearn to walk. She couldn’t attend gym class, couldn’t sit without a special desk, and had to ask people to carry her books. Later in college, standing for hours in biology class caused severe pain.

So Price has changed. At the State University of New York at Albany, she majored in finance and management. While studying the income statement, Price had a revelation: she knew little about managing her own money, now or in the future. “My North Star was taken from me,” Price says of dropping out of med school, “so I thought I was going to try this financial thing. “

Stefania Pifferi. Taylor Price has over 1.2 million followers on TikTok for his financial advice videos.

First Price read all she could about personal finance. Coupled with her degree from SUNY Albany – she graduated in less than three years – Price started off with a few blog posts. During his visit to Los Angeles in 2019, some friends suggested that he try videos with his content. “On my 10th video, boom,” Price said, “it went viral.”

Price admits she knew little about video production at the start. She has watched a lot of videos of Graham Stephen, a 30-year-old real estate investor and entrepreneur who she dubbed the godfather of the genre of successful investing videos. Next: Price says she “practiced, practiced, practiced”, using the mantra “time on a task, overtime, ends up beating talent every time”.

“I am motivated to help people live their best financial lives. My goal is to help people, especially Gen Z, grow their financial trees. ‘ Taylor Prize

His career has since been kind of a whirlwind. Price employs a content strategy that takes precedence over everything, spending at least one day a week, usually Tuesday, producing videos. She then publishes on her various sites three to five times a day. Others in her field do one article a day, she says, if so. “I put a lot more content than the competition. “

Price is also studying for his Certified Financial Planners (CFP) designation, taking courses at NYU. Other upcoming projects she’s working on include a podcast, investing app, and non-fungible token series (NFT.)

Price, who laughs as she confirms her last name is real, not a Hollywood stage nickname to boost followers, enjoys her current career path – even giving up on her first dream. “I feel like I was born to do this,” Price says. “I really put myself there. When I’m deep into something, I’m there to win it.