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There are many opportunities hidden in social media, you are missing a golden opportunity just by scrolling like this. There are many hidden opportunities in social media, just by scrolling you are missing a golden opportunity.

Naveen Choudhary, the famous writer of the new generation5 hours ago

  • If you are just browsing social media for hours every day, you are definitely giving up huge potential. The various platforms of this medium offer you an effective and unlimited opportunity to make yourself and your business stand out – that too for free…!

About a decade and a half ago, a new revolution took place in the internet world, a new medium was invented which was named ‘Social Media’. The basic mantra of social media is to connect people with each other. Social media, which has reached the era of one-to-one email, has made it possible to connect and talk in moments. Social media fame has grown in such a way that if someone has found an old friend, someone has found an old love.

Where there are people, there is love and there is also business. Social media, which was initially a way to connect, to exchange ideas, has now become a great way to advertise and increase business. Business here should not be understood as purely commercial, it is a matter of all the possibilities where social media is used to achieve a goal. For example, look at politicians, for them social media is a way to convey their opinions to the public creating a special image of themselves. Many writers like me use social media to reach their readers. We are in constant communication with readers which has an impact on the sales of our books.

Social media has become a very effective weapon in the hands of an ordinary man, which has both advantages and disadvantages. We are not talking here about the negative side of social media, but about the positive side so that an ordinary man can benefit from it.

What is your objective ?

What are you on social media for and what do you want to use them for? If it’s just to keep in touch with your friends, you don’t have much to do, but if you want to do networking, personal branding, that you want to use for your business, you have to keep some things in mind.

First of all

– need a strategy

Any successful job requires a strategy. Social media is a double-edged sword and using it properly will take you to new heights. There are three important things to keep in mind when planning this strategy: your target audience, choosing the right social media platform, and engaging content. We will talk about all three.

– Identify the audience

We are all audiences in this world. This truth also applies to social media. Women are the audience for beauty products and men for shaving products. These audiences are not divided solely on the basis of gender. These are further divided according to age, location, education, income, interests, political views and many more. Who is your audience? Do you recognize him?

Often people say that I express my point of view, I speak on behalf of everyone. A writer can say that what anyone can read is my audience. It is not the complete truth. Whether you want to do personal branding, promote books, or grow your business, your target audience will always be your niche. For example, my books can be read by all Hindi readers, but their content is more appealing to a certain age group and readers of certain types of books. This age group is my audience and I write a lot on social media to attract them. If we are talking about two wheels then everyone can drive it but you will notice that the scooter and motorcycle ads are for only one category. Again, different brands of motorcycles appeal to a particular segment, as some talk about fuel economy and others only about power. You can understand the income and age group of their audience. You also decide your audience.

Choose platform now

Choosing the right platform can only be done when you know your target audience. You know what platform it is on and why. There are many types of social media, but there are four most popular media in our country. One of them lets you create and post your own videos, while another lets you express your point of view from simple images. One medium lets you make your point in just 240 words while another lets you write a full essay. Photos and videos also play on these two media.

You have to choose all the supports or concentrate only on one or two supports, it depends on the activity and the objective. For example, the media industry uses all these mediums, it gives the latest news in 240 words and then broadcasts the entire bulletin by video. If a writer wants to convey his ideas to people in detail, then the support for him will be where there is an option to write an essay.

If you have a cafe or a restaurant, this platform is best for you where photos are shared more. But if the restaurant is such that there is a family reunion or dinner, this platform will not work for you. You have to use another platform where you can talk about your facilities with photos, videos.

it is the most important

Every social media user should remember one creed: content is king! All these platforms give you the opportunity to put your point of view in different forms. If you want to do personal branding, create a distinctive image of your business/product, or want to sell something, then you need to prepare your content the same way. This content can be in the form of photos, videos or even in written form. You should create content in all these forms or related forms with your product or purpose in mind and put it on the selected platforms.

The most difficult task is to get your content noticed in the multitude of good and bad content on social networks. The most important word in the social media industry is engagement. This means how many people have engaged with your content. Did they stop, see and respond to your messages? Content created for social media should be such that people engage with it. It can also happen that people stay on your content but do not respond. Your content should be such that first people stop watching it and when they stop they leave reacting.

measure your performance

The most beautiful thing about the digital world is that here you can measure the reaction of your every action. Regularly analyze your social media channels to see how engagement is shaping up. Subscribers increase or not. With these analytics, you will be able to know what type of content is liked by your audience. Where does the engagement fall? What time your audience is most active on social media. After all this information, you can continue or modify the social media strategy according to your needs.

finally something important

Social media is a very important medium for personal branding. All the rules for using social media for personal branding are the same as we mentioned in the article. Whether you are a business or an individual, one thing to keep in mind is that the more people your content reaches, the more people will connect with you. People recognize fakes, your content should be honest, and that honesty will connect you with your audience.

How to expand your social network?

how to increase followers

You would say that all knowledge has been given, but how will the followers come? The answer is content. The content should be as people share it. Sharing a post will always get you new followers. You can link cross-promote your content in order to get new subscribers. For example, if you have a pencil maker, associate it with an eraser or notebook maker.

Paid promotion option
All social media platforms allow you to promote your posts/pages through advertisements. In my opinion, adopt this remedy only if you need to complete the objective quickly or if you have a sufficient budget. This is because once you run the ad, your post’s organic reach will decrease. Organic reach is where the audience automatically came to the post.

social media tools
There are many tools on the market that allow you to post to all platforms at once. Not only that, with the help of these tools, you can also schedule the posts in advance and keep them drafted in advance. However, many platforms themselves have started offering this option. With the help of which you can do this job yourself instead of an expert.

(The author is a marketing professional and a well-known writer of the new generation of Hindi. He has worked in organizations such as Dainik Bhaskar and Oxford University Press. His novels “Janata Store” and “Dhai Chaal” have been appreciated by readers.)

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