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Vaneeza Ahmed takes an interest in Ayeza Khan’s social networks

Social media is now a very important part of making a star. The number of followers on an Instagram account determines the type of work you will be offered and the amount you will charge for an advertising campaign. Social media is the maker or breaker of fame these days and it’s a worldwide practice not only among showbiz but also the sports and influencer market. Pakistani stars also play in the big leagues when it comes to social media. Ayeza Khan is currently the most followed celebrity on Instagram in Pakistan with over 12 million followers.

Vaneeza Ahmed who is herself a big star, she is a model and an actress. Vaneeza was talking about how everything has become on social media these days. She took a subtle dig while on Ayeza Khan. She said she saw someone on Instagram who has about 12 million followers, Vaneeza didn’t name any names, so host Nouman Ijaz added that it is indeed Ayeza Khan who has this huge next fan.

Vaneeza Ahmed takes an interest in Ayeza Khan's social networks

Vaneeza said she was curious why did she have such a large number of fans, so she went to her page and all there were were her own photos. Vaneeza is also against the culture of posting pictures of first class flights and lavish vacations by people in general. Vaneeza can’t do anything for social media and her niece usually takes care of her account.

Vaneeza Ahmed takes an interest in Ayeza Khan's social networks

That’s what she said: