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Veuve Clicquot Creative Maker and artist Kom I on joy and optimism for 2022

As part of the series ‘Inspiration in Bloom’ to celebrate the collaboration of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame by Yayoi Kusama, Kom I and five creatives share what brings them joy and optimism for the The year to come

“What makes me blossom? – a playful and curious invite that the Veuve Clicquot Creative Makers program offered to a roster of artists and creatives in early 2021, when things seemed uncertain and unknowable. Collaborators from fashion, film and art, including Mark Tyus and Shini Park, approached the issue with unbridled energy and developed it to create messages of hope, creativity and optimism for the world. year to come.

This moment marked the “Inspiration in Bloom” program, a project that is part of the ongoing collaboration between Veuve Clicquot and the inimitable artist Yayoi Kusama, celebrating the Maison’s latest vintage, La Grande Dame 2012. Kusama’s partnership with Veuve Clicquot saw the artist create a gift box with flamboyant colors and sculpture of flowers, which pays a touching tribute to the inimitable “great lady” of champagne, Madame Clicquot, and brings together two powerful women with a legacy that shatters glass ceilings.

The Japanese artist is a great creative mathematician of a generation, with visionary avant-garde work that spans painting, sculpture, performance, collage, installation, literature and fashion. Kusama continues to enchant generations of art lovers; its vast sold-out exhibition Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the glow of life at London’s Tate Modern, endless queues of people hoping to glimpse his famous peas and pumpkins, and most notably, art that speaks to themes of intimate self-identity, the lifeless boundaries of life and creative expression, and reflection.

Introspection is a necessary theme for this time of year – as we meditatively glide into 2022, we remember our triumphs and challenges, precious memories shared with loved ones and new ones to be created over the course of the new year coming. And so, with the second chapter of “Inspiration in Bloom”, this cohort of Veuve Clicquot Creative Makers for La Grande Dame – including Kom I, Shini Park, Mark Tyus, Candela Pelizza, Chloe Wise and Sisilia Piring – answers the question, “What is your flowering intention?” “

The six handpicked creative talents from around the world share their ‘blooming intentions’, wishes and ideas which they hope will inspire optimism, creativity and joy in 2022.

“The past year has been a year full of problems and tragic events all over the world, but I would like to see hope in the lessons we have learned, in our willingness to overcome trials,” Kom shares. I.

Japanese singer, model and actor best known for stunning 2019 EP TREASURE OF YAKUSHIMA and as the former lead singer of Mercredi Campanella, reflects artfully on what we have faced and what lies ahead: “I see hope in the resilience that we have shown during this time, in the change of mindset at the micro and macro levels. : putting human beings and humanity itself back at the heart of our way of thinking and living – as it always should be.

“I feel that there are already many political and social measures and actions taken following this brand new path and this gives me a lot of hope,” she adds. In response to Veuve Clicquot’s question, her “flourishing intention” is for collective greatness: “May next year come a brilliant season for all”.

Speaking of her own intentions for the coming year, she says: “I will do whatever I want to do without slackening, and I will always tackle what lies ahead head-on.” Ultimately, she looks forward to “the joy of human coming together” and “feeling the joy of people who come and come together” – it’s a feeling that in this season and beyond, we can all stand together. relatives.

At present, Kom I continues to learn various forms of traditional art, much of which comes from his home country, Japan. “I feel very happy about it. I love learning this stuff, ”she shares.

It is in this creative practice that she finds herself evaluating human connection and emotion. “Each art form gives me something different and inspires me in a very special way,” she says. “I can see techniques that have transcended generations and feel the warmth of human interactions between teachers and students through dance and singing lessons for example. In Japan there are many interesting local traditional festivals that touch me deeply and feed both my inspiration and my creativity. I love watching them and wondering what role these songs and dances play or can play in our lives.

Reflecting on the ‘flowery intentions’ prompt, Kom I finds herself most resonating with her natural imagery and the themes of energy, abundance, and self-care that it unleashes. “It is very important to fill your heart with positive nutrients,” she explains. “Japan has a very dynamic four-season transition: insects and plants create a vibrant landscape in the middle of summer, but in winter we feel like we’re at the lower wavelength of the energy of life. This is not a season for being energetically active, but for careful preparation for spring flowering.

Like many of us, the 29-year-old hopes to learn from last year’s lessons – engage with others, stay cheerful and open-hearted – in a moment of calm, before facing the possibilities of 2022. “I would like everyone to remember the valuable lessons we learned during this time when we had to stand still,” she says. “This is where I place my deepest hope, that people don’t forget each other while embracing each other’s presence and the beauty of human interactions.”

With this in mind, Veuve Clicquot delivers it to you and whatever your wish for fulfillment, with the hope of seeing you again in 2022 and all the joy, hope and optimism that we are creating together.

La Grande Dame x Yayoi Kusama by Veuve Clicquot is available now, and you can head over to here to find out more.