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Who is Bharathan? Death of the first husband of Kpac Lalitha, Indian filmmaker, artist and artistic director

Bharatan is an Indian filmmaker, artist and art director. Bharathan founded the new film school of Malayalam cinema in the 1980s with Padmarajan and KG George, while creating critically acclaimed and critically acclaimed films. Many directors and screenwriters attended the school in the 1990s, including Sibi Malail, Kamal, Lohithadas and Jayaraj. He was born in Engakkadu near Wadakkancherry in present-day Trisur district in Kerala, India.

After graduating from Thrissur Academy of Fine Arts, Bharathan entered the film industry as an art director through the Malayalam film Gandharavaksetram (1972) directed by A. Vincent. He was inspired by his uncle PN Menon, a well-known director. After working on several films as art director and assistant director, he made his directorial debut in 1975 with Prayanam, from a screenplay by Padmarajan. It also marked the rise of two early proponents of middle Malayalam films.

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Bharatan films are known for their authentic depiction of rural life in Kerala. Melodrama and escapism, usually a staple of mainstream Indian cinema, are generally absent from his films. Throughout his career, he also managed to distance himself from the “star-centric” culture that was prevalent in Indian cinema. His later films involve major movie stars, but generally do not affect the plot or narrative. Along with Padmarajan and KG George, Bharathan was instrumental in launching the counterculture of meaningful mainstream cinema, which often sits halfway between art and commercial cinema. This movement is often referred to as the “middle ground of street cinema”.

Bharathani films are known for their visually pleasing shot compositions. His experience as a painter allows him to create frames often considered visually beautiful. Natural props and nature itself often figure prominently in his films (for example, the Palangal railway line or the Amalam sea). Bharatan is one of the few Indian directors to shoot with an elaborate storyboard system. He also often designs posters for his films.

Some of his early films are known for their bold portrayals of sexual themes. Her films often challenge social conventions and norms about relationships between men and women. Rathinirvedam is a coming-of-age story about a relationship between a teenager and an older woman, while Camaram deals with the turbulent relationship between a college student and his college professor. In Kattathe Kilikkoodu, an elderly married teacher falls in love with his student. Kaathodu Kaathoram deals with the social exclusion of a woman involved in an adulterous relationship.